Humans attack moon, world ends tomorrow.....

Bye ya’ll. It was fun here while it lasted. Dumb Humans are attacking the moon tomorrow morning. The people, ummm, Martians are whatever who live on the Dark Side will promptly get pissed and attack us back.

Hope everybody hugged their new girlfriends and loved ones one last time.

Bye Bye…KYAGB (Kiss Your Ass GoodBye)

The mission is just to find if there is water, and the dark side of the moon is well below freezing.

I don’t see how humans can be dumb in this particular case, there’s much dumber things being done in science than this. This isn’t something to put against the human species, save that for the fact we’ve seen carnivorous animals killed with reckless abandon over the last century just because they eat meat or punishing tigers in the zoo because some drunkard climbs over the fence into it’s enclosure and taunts it.

They trying to get rid of the dark side

I remember while ago I read there was a very very large cult,
and one of their main ‘rules’ being that no expolsions were to be made in space.
I think it was a report on Dateline NBC regarding cults.

@andycircus… Did your moon mission also cost 79 million dollars?

when i was on the moon, the people there were very nice, so i dont understand why they wanna bomb it…

No explosions. Just a 2200kg lump of metal (steel or tungsten probably) being slammed into the moon with a probe behind it analyzing the cloud of debris.

That cult can rest easy then…:smiley:
I just heard on the news that the projectile smashed into the moon at 5000 miles per hour.

I thought the moon was made of cheese, not water.

I thought the moon was made of cheese, not water.

True. Wallace knows all.

There is no “dark side of the moon”. The far side of the moon gets exactly the same amount of sunlight as the near side.

Now that that’s cleared up, I don’t see what all the hub-bub is about. I support just about anything Nasa does. They do good things.

Actually the far side would get more sunlight as the side that faces us is sometimes covered by the Earth when it would otherwise be getting sunlight.

I stand corrected.

Well, I’m still here. I guess today wasn’t my last day. Anyone have any idea how I can get back from Hawaii? I kinda blew my life’s savings on the plane trip and my day out here…



I bought a ticket and flew to Bigalow Aerospace in Nevada. I’m lifting off in ten minutes. Don’t really know where we’re going, apparently “up”.