Humans. What's your tips?

Hello, I am getting back in to blender and plan to be more active on these forums soon. I am a game designer, and the one thing I lack the ability model is humans, important because, well, most games revolve around humans! I am wondering your ideas to model characters in the low detail(and low-low poly) of FFIII DS Here is some examples:

These are not photo realistic and low-low-poly, hence being good for rts like games. I also can make accessories fairly easy in this style. Any Suggestions for me on creating humans. I really need some help.

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Dude just use references.

I would help but i’ve never seen a human…wait…

I would use references, but I am horrible at using those. In the “Beginning Character Animation with Blender” book, I used those references, but I ended up making an alien-like creature, nothing like the picture.

Humans are hard, if you know anyone who knows how to paint manga for example. You can tell him to draw them from the sideview and from the front. Then follow those, making humans without refrence is really hard! I do animals it’s much easier xD

this tutorial by jonathan williams might be helpful to you:

I might look at that!

The reference recommendations are just what you need. Also alot of practice. I first started with the famous Joan of ark tutorial and i remember the first product…it made me not want to do 3d modeling anymore, that’s how bad it was. After a while I got back into it and I would try over and over and eventualy got better and better, I am still learning. I am far from being a pro but It’s just alot of practice and patiance man.

I do think that this style is not only a great way to start but lo-poly work like that can be fun, especialy thanks to texture painting. I find myself having alot of fun texture painting for lo-poly models so I say go for it. Also these are stylized humans on top of being lo-poly so they will be easyer to model period. All the work will actualy be going toward texturing, animations, and well programing. That is if you are making a game, cause programing will take up most of the hard work let me tell you.

There are alot of tricks to quickly putting together a low poly.

  1. The hard way: extruding cubes and sculpting.
  2. The best way: modeling from a ref. .
  3. The quick way: shrinkwrapping large polys around a prebuilt model (ie-make human)
  4. My way: all of the above
    Each technique has its use and many many tricks.

I hope this thread thrives.