HumanTemplate for Games! v 0.1
All right, that’s enough using MakeHuman and then decimating the model. You know that gives terrible results. I present you with HumanTemplate, a fast and easy way to make human models for your game if you’re just beginning, or if you just want a break. HumanTemplate provides male and female template models, both rigged and unwrapped. A sample UV texture with color-coding is provided to help you get started. All YOU need to do is edit the model to your own preferences, then paint the texture map to suit your tastes. Your model is then ready to go!

This release is 0.1, Beta. I hope to provide more documentation, better template textures and models, and more sample characters. Your critiques and suggestions (or contributions) are highly welcomed and encouraged.

I’m fairly new to human modeling myself, and I’m finding that the face is still kind of creepy-looking. Any advice is appreciated.

Enough yapping- download HumanTemplate now! Includes male and female models; color-coded texture map; rigs; a simple “waving” animation; and a sample character, “Summer.”

I hope someone will find this useful!

Thats a good idea plant. A tip for using uv mapped characters and lighting make sure you turn up the emit value in the material section. It will keep your details from falling victim to evil lights.

Downloading now going to try thanks=D
edit: really nice=D…I can’t use make human cause of the slowness…may use for movies…just a quik thing (not even sure it works in ge though…I haven’t tryed) if it is possible ik for the rig would be nice…still very nice keep it up=D!

i’ll toss in my last model once I make some suitable hands and get rid of waste geometry…and when I save it with out accident deleting my progress it will come even quicker.

very nice, thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

looks like you did a lot of work on this :slight_smile:

I had planned on giving this away no texture no … complete uv … mirror is still on to aid in uv and modifying it… This is my crow model adapted and with my A+ hands lol. I think they are the best thing to snag off of this. And please do. palms are a little to long in comparison to the finges. might want to fix it because i’m not gonna.

I’d love to see someone unwrap mod., texture, rig and him and such. 988 tris. Hands are expensive.

EDIT:::: I just notied there are some backwards normals on the new hands. Oh and his head is unwrapped as are some alther part of his body. The only thing unwrapped well from this model was the head I’d keep that and junk the rest of the unwrap.

feel free to chuck him in plant if you don’t mind unwrapping and rigging him


nice model jessegp,

I especialy like the way you did the hands :slight_smile:

Cool deal, Thanks!


I can’t find it:(

wow, this is an ancient thread! best to let the dead sleep YoungApprentice. How did you find this one, anyway?

Google… it’s a wondrous thing…:o

Google is indeed great, but it’s also a good idea to check the date on a thread before posting : )

YAY GOOGLE… goog’s awesome.

Yeah, this thread is pretty old, but the model actually is still available, albeit at a different server. You can download it here. I’ll warn you, however, that it’s a pretty simple model by today’s standards…but you still might find it useful.

In the future, please don’t bump old threads. PM the original poster instead.

definitely usable just needs a little touching up.