Humayun's Tomb (palace)

Hi, This is my final render, any suggestions ?

Beautiful rendering of the tomb. One thing I notice is that the accent lights are really distracting. Maybe either tone them down or punch up the tomb itself?

It would be interesting to boom the camera up and down from this point-of-view, giving us more or less of a view “over the top of the wall” while still preserving the very strong and interesting visual effect created by the accent lights. A little bit more light on the (especially) rear of the left face of the building might be good to achieve a little bit more visual separation from the background beyond.

Anyhow – a very strong visual image. Nicely done.

Nice work. But can’t see DOF(Depth Of Field). Try to post more detailed rendered outputs.

Adjust the camera focal length (Decrease the focal length and pull out the camera).