Humble Indie Bundle

Hey Guys,
check this out! This is an awsome Offer!! 6 Indie Developt Games! One of them World of Doo.
The funniest thing about this is, you can pay as much as you want. If you want you can purchase this bundle for only 0.01 $.
I think this is a great way to support Indie Developer! I think the games they create are just great! No mainstream stuff. They have some great Ideas behind there games! Best thing, all mayor Plattforms are supported (Linux, Max, Windows)

About 80000 people have already purchased. The avarage price people are willing pay for this bundle is about 8,5 $
And Linux User pay the most ^^

So check it out!!!

Here is the Link!!

From the game trailers, i say, these look really awesom :stuck_out_tongue:
except for the bunny fighters… The visuals and animations could be better…

@ freemind
I agree with you. The bunny game looks not so nice! But they are working on a sequel!
And they build a new engine from scratch! And this looks really great!! Check out there youtube channel.

I laughed my ass off at that sentiment!

What the OP doesn’t mention is that the bundle money is split however the purchaser sees fit between the devs and Child’s Play, the Penny Arcade children’s charity. It’s a worthy cause and you get some awesome games out of it too.

Though I personally would suggest that 1 penny MIGHT not support that much Indie development or children’s hospital toys :slight_smile:


I think, sadly many people will purchase it for such an amount of money. the top donations are about 1000 €.
The average donation is about 8.

$700,000 raised is quite a lot of money though. Hopefully it’ll contain to rise with more exposure.

I’m tempted to buy them but, since I don’t play games at all I’m on the fence, they really look fun though.

Some people have been to cheap to even donate $0.01

On the wolfire blog, they’re writing that about %25 of the downloads are pirated (shared keys/url links) that sort of thing

I thought I was doing good donating $30, but was humbled when I saw that the top donated amount was $1000.

I’m loving linux more and more, so the more these guys port games over, the more I’ll support.

Besides I work in the industry and want the indie’s to get all the help they can. Seeing as they do stuff like this!

I think ‘world of goo’ was pirated 80%. I can’t imagine how it felt for the developers to know that.

So it’s nice to know that this goes well.

As I mentioned here in another thread, Wolfire made LugaruHD open source.

Looks like some of the other developers are going to follow suit.

Penumbra Overture could be good for us FPS fans.

As mentioned on their blog.

They put in another game called Samorost 2 in the bundle pack.

I’ve got it. Dl’d and installed the ones that interested me, namely World of Goo, Lugaru and Penumbra: Overture. I haven’t played WoG yet, but my impressions of the other two:

Lugaru: Fantastic combat system. Really innovative. I’d be willing to forgive the subpar graphics because they could probably be modded out with an enthusiastic enough fanbase. Unfortunately the camera tracking with the mouse is just very poor. I couldn’t stand it for more than five minutes.

Penumbra: Overture: Fascinating. It’s got a very Silent Hill feel to the way the labels and the writing are done. But the world interactions are much more complex - solving a puzzle in this game requires a bit more than click-clicking (I nearly froze to death figuring out that you actually have to pick up a rock with the mouse controls and actually hit a block of ice with it to open a trap door). I have a feeling I’ll be using the walkthrough a lot. Graphics are okay, not up to the nicer new games but good enough to convey the feeling of eerie isolation that it seems to be going for. Stealth mode is a little obnoxious with the computer breathing heavily in my ear, but I’m getting used to it.

I’m going back with my $5 coupon and get the other Penumbra games. The others I can take or leave. Not interested in Aquaria. I don’t like sidescroller-type graphics (would rather have Lugaru’s poor 3d than Aquaria’s fancy 2D).

Yeh I was quite excited hearing about this on the frictional games website, Penumbra is a great game, in my top 3 ever :smiley:

Id love to pull it apart and see how it works, the physics are particularly awesome.

nice . .

Penumbra HPL1 Engine released as Open Source…
Blog Post
Engine Repository Link

There is a second bundle going on now. Same deal, pay what you want, no DRM, cross-platform games. Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmose, and Revenge of the Titans are the games. EFF and childs play are the charities.

I think Braid alone is worth it if you haven’t played it already.

Yeh Id encourage people to get into this!
I purchased my bundle the other day, been enjoying the games since. Braid was the selling point for me since Ive been wanting to give it a try for quite some time. Osmos is also excellent, one of those games you can tell someones put a lot of time and effort into, and its a really simple concept, and great to spend a hour or so on every now and then. The graphics sfx and music are also all very nice. I havent played the other 3 yet, but Ill get to them :slight_smile:

Theres an awesome design tour of the games the guys from Wolfire did here:

And personally I would hope people dont buy the bundle for $0.01, bit cheap! I wish the averages were higher, but 1.3 million has been raised so far, so thats great.
I chipped in $50 for my bundle, I hope others who have the money can dig deep as well.

I find that if Im buying a game in a store, if I get a good one for $50 Im satisfied. But here your getting 5 games! (2 which I can already say are great) + helping 2 charities and supporting the indie bundle organizers to make more humble bundles in the future.