Humble request to update tutorials

I’ll begin by saying a big thank you to all the people who have made blender what it is today Ton and all you amazing guys out there. Without GNU lincenced software some of us will be hopeless in our attempt to use pc’s.

All the tutorials dotted on the internet are contributing to the success of blender. But most of the tutorials seem to be outdated and it makes the learning curve of blender a bit steeper than it should be. You look for bottons and commands at places and you can’t find them.

I think one reason is because the software changed alot in a shot time hence the inconsistency. I will however beg the tutorial writers to try and update them in line with the cuurent interface so as to make life for us newbes alittle easier.

I have ordered the latest user guide but as you are aware it is not yet ready and even if it, is it does not replace your invaluable tutorials.

Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

I’m not a tutorial writer, but what I was thinking of doing is going through the most recent official (or semi-official, I haven’t checked), and making my own edits to the work, with the permission of the original author.

This reworking would be unofficial, and would be from the perspective of a blender beginner, which is something that’s both good and bad:

Good because I’ll probably pick up on something that is totally foreign to a newcomer, yet innate to an old timer.

Bad because if I encounter something that I have no frigging clue how to do, my progress will slow down until I find the solution. I’m pretty determined on this front however, because I actually like to write manuals. Weird, eh? I’m a big fan of the author of the Swift3D manual author especially…

I’ll be writing my reworked edition of the 30 + 30 minute “first tutorial” involving Gus the gingerbread man as a start. When I finish, I’ll email the author with my changes, ask them if it’s ok to publish and I’ll move on from there.

Well there’s been so many new features out lately that indeed most tuts are a bit outdated.

But it does mean that with those new features, new tuts will come as well.

Thing is… don’t ask for more tuts in general. If you meet someone who did something you really want to get to grips with. Ask that person specificly if they want to write one.

And also: if you figure out something usefull that isn’t in a tut yet (or is) then write one yourself. That’s the way it works.

I’ll probably be adding a few tuts to my site soon enough. But rather busy at the moment.

Another note: Be aware that if you’re writing a tutorial with a CVS version of Blender, it may well change by the time it is properly released. Both the interface and core functionality may end up working differently, so it’s probably best to stick to official releases when writing tuts, unless you have a lot of time on your hands to update them :slight_smile:

And be aware that volunteers wishing to write tuts can also join the documentation board (see the site)

Tutorials written in DocBook and wih given guidelines (and of course clear and usefull :P) will be published on the site and be part of official Blender documentation…