Humming around

One of my first Designs with blender…Still Tweaking the feathers:

haha, angry giant hummingbird. I like. Is the top of his beak there? I can’t tell. Can’t wait 'till you make him fuzzy.

yea his beak is all there… it is just small…as are the humming birds…iam still llearning to cut faces and edges…so his expression may seem a lil odd…Any tutorials on feathering up some fuzz out there?

hmm… I bet you’ll find some if you look for hair no fuzz. Fur might work too. Then once you get that stuff down you can tweak it. I haven’t done much w/ particles or hair myself so I don’t really know.

Nice, more randomness would be good. (and of course more fur.

new feathers…

I am not sure what style you are going for or what exactly a real hummingbird looks like but I like the first feathers better. Just my opinion. Keep it up.

Maybe use the new feather as each of the feathers on the first model.