Humming Bird and Flower

and without the effect

I made this painting the vertex colors with a python script

Imgaes won’t load.

Also, try to avoid uploading .png images because they have very large file sizes.

Beautiful. I love the simplicity of it and the color scheme. Very artistic.

I really do like that bird.

I like the subtlety of the color. Very nice. I also like the subsurface scattering look (whether or not it was intentional :p) on the petals.

That is very artistic! The only thing, is on the right wing, there seems to be a line where shadow suddenly ends. If you revisit that, you will have yourself great image!


I like the flower and the lighting but not the bird. The wings on a flying hummingbird are just really blurry (although a fast camera wouldn’t show that) and the material looks too similar to the flower.

Wingspan is way too big for a hummingbird too. They would find fast flapping pretty hard with that size of wing. Here’s a reference pic:

… and some eyes wouldn’t go amiss ;).

Yes, the SSS look was intentional

About the humming bird reference. Don’t worry about that, I have enought real ones flying around here where I live.

and I’ll try to avoid png next time:)