Humming Dragon - Updated November 14th

this is the old one (down here)

A humming bird, with instead of a bird, a dragon!

Great idea. :slight_smile:
As for crits: Somehow the left wing looks more like leather than the right wing. The right wing reminds me more of tent canvas. It’s probably the angle and lighting.

EDIT:remove the small picture and changed for this one

the last link doesent work for me

i think the dragons chest is a bit to big and his mouth is to rounded at the end i think if you make it sharper itl look awsome


His wings is placed to near his stomach. Hi should have them on his back. And I don’t know if you go for it yet, but his materials is to plastic right now. Great Idea!

I’ve tried to put the wings more to the back…

ignore the procedural textures

try loosening up the head and neck region. Add a little tilt and expression. And flex the wings. To hover, the hummingbird has to have a lot of down push. Try motion blurring the wings. I think that may be a problem, it is rare to see a picture or a hummingbird with still wings.
Are the wings rigged? That would help.

I wish I could hide all green stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the fur nice?

I like the fur, just maybe make the hair curve a bit. Personnally, I’d make the head shield thingie slant a little more towards the back. The big drop of water is really good, but it seems to me the lower one, which is dipping over the edge, wouldn’t have left so much water on the petal (due to superficial tension). It would more like be hanging entirely on the edge, or else, would stick more to the flower. The claws of the humming dragon could use a little more detail. Also, I’d make the tail a little thinner at the base, and thicker in the middle, so it grows thin more smoothly.

Looks great, all in all, I like that “Is the flower so big? Is the dragon so small?” effect.