hummingbird.(updated C&C are welcome)

hi this is a bird that im modelling im just beggining but i would like to mak e it look good so i am asking for crits , these renders took about 13 minutes with ray tracing + AO on without lights, take a look and tell me what you think:

another one from a slightly different angle and more energy:

that’s looking good :), i think the real name of that bird is… homing bird… i think

please continue :slight_smile:

Nice start.

Could you please post smaller images though? These are a big big. Thanks.


I think you mean Humming Bird :wink:

hi thanks for the compliments here is a small update, im a bit ill so im not working so hard sometimes i feel very tired, i think its the changing of weather, but ive made its legs and didnt finished the wings yet, also i didnt finished its tail but just to keep things up to date:
if you look at the reference back the tail needs a lot of improvement

Nice start.

Could you please post smaller images though? These are a big big. Thanks.

thanks , consider it done.

                                            Originally Posted by <b>narven</b>
             <i>that's looking good :), i think the real name of that bird is... homing bird... i think

please continue :slight_smile:

I think you mean Humming Bird :wink:

thanks both your statements led me to a lot more of useful image references ;). And im continuing.

Those legs look pathetic and mutated.
Feathers are nice, but overall shape of wings is bad. The shape looks too short horizontally, but too long vertically.
I think that the beak of a hummingbird should be a bit longer though.

Funky backgrounds :smiley:


Those legs look pathetic and mutated.

do you really think so? why cause it has only 3 fingers isntead of four? does someone else think the same? if so i will change its legs.

the wings arent finished yet and they are curved back but they needs some improvement as you said they are too short horizontally, maybe cause im using different image as references, ive used one to the head, one to the body and another to the wings which i ve used only as a guide and made by eye.

thanks for the crits and im glad you liked my backgrounds.

I think the “knees” are bending the wrong way. Bird “knees” (whatever you call them in birds) bend the opposite way to ours usually.

Yeah, I think the legs look strange too. The claws should be larger with 1 pointing backwards and 2 pointing forwards like in this pic.

hi ive made a new feet and improved the wing as well still need some more retouches but i think im getting there still have to make the tail what do you think is there something strange yet? maybe the legs? i will rig it later so the exact position isnt a great worry i think.

update! ive just finished the uv map and the tail so its pretty much like it is going to be at geometry how it is now i think i have a question after you uv mapped can you still change the geometry or that will screw up your previous work? just to ask something :), but ok what do you think:

There are a few odd lumps on the body that could be smoothed out.

About UV’s (i think). If you only move vertices around, after you’ve added uv’s, there should be no problems. However, if you delete or add any geometry in that mesh, you would want to recalculate your uv’s.


hi this is a still from where im now what do you think ?

thanks for the tip aligorith :).

The texturing IMO, is really quite bad.

The wing feathers are WAY to transparent.
The feathers over the main part of the body look a sickish green/blue.
Where are the claws?! Have you set their alpha to zero!


aligorith i didnt finished the wings and that black feathers are the future bump/alpha maps its going to have another color, i agree with you about the green/blue color but hummingbirds are iridescent so im trying to mimic it without any good results the claws are with alpha 0, im uv mapping the wings as you can see there are only 3 feathers ready(only the alpha/bump maps of it) ive not finished the color map of any of the three feathers of it yet neither the claws and tail

hello here is a update im not satisfied with it yet so any C&C are pretty much welcome:
here a zoom of the claws:

I like the texturing of the body. Colors could be a little different but perhaps you are modelling a certain type of hummingbird? Also, hummingbird eyes are all black. Just place some spheres where the eyes should be and give the spheres a black color with high spec and a little ray mirror(maybe even a touch of ray transparency to give the eyes a sense of depth). As you know the legs need to be reworked texture wise but they may be a little thick. And the legs need to be a little darker as well. Increase the size of the foot and decrease the size of the leg. The foot should be almost as long as the leg. Really small thin legs and feet big enough to wrap around twigs are important for hummingbirds :wink: . I am excited to see how the wings come out so I will not give any crits until then.

Hope that helps a little.

thanks for your comments woodman as your nick says you come from the woods how could you not help?
ive increased the claws size and refined the eye a bit what do you think, im unsure about the blue line at the side.

ive updated the wings and played a bit with materials, here is a small video showing the reflectiveness of it:
im moving forth to rigging tough i still want to adjust the materials in a more decent way, any help is welcome