"Hunchback Loader truck" gritty futuristic design


Making this forklift truck/loader design. It has a platform on it’s top where a spaceships cranes lower cargo onto it, and forks on the front for smaller cargo pods. Access is via a tube in the rear. Let me know what you think and how I can improve it. Thanks.

Looks very good ,some questions though (if you don’t mind)

1.how does it steer?
2.what’s the giant round thing at the back
3.what’s the tube below it (driver/operator lift?)


good questions. It steers like a tank would, counter rotating wheels, well that was the original idea, but now you bring it up I might need to address that. Cheers.

giant round thing was meant to be a counter weight or fuel tank.

Yeah the tube is the access to the vehicle.

Thanks for bringing up some issues. Tyko

Adjusted the back so that the tyres can turn more like a modern forklift, still trying to keep it futuristic though.

Changed the back again because the wheels couldn’t turn the full rotation, now they can but I don’t like the way it looks.