Hunchback wolf

Next one character for movie - hunchback wolf. Please post comments and critique!

Very cool. Would you mind posting some shots of the UV layout/

That is really great. I’d like to see the finished animation.

It’s very simple:

Wow! The Fur looks amazing!

Only thing that’s bothering me are the eyes, the white is too bright. Maybe add some veins and a border around the iris.

I’m referencing from this impressive image

Dude! I’m lovin this! I see a peter and the wolf remake :wink:

Indeed the eyes need a little more work and I think the head is a little small compared with the body or is placed too low.(amazing fur):yes:

Very nice fur. How you got it to gently curl into itself? Combed it all the way or something else? I tried with the tools myself but the random curling controls seem to do anything but not what one expects them to. How many textures you use (size, density, color, else)?

I use 6 particle systems for each type of fur - body, head, mustache ets. Some of it have some roughness, and size variations controlled by vertex groups. 2 color textures for coloring fur - for base and tip colors and some generated textures for adding randomness

Nice one! The fur and texture are really great. The eyes need to be reflective, though. Right now it doesn’t look like you went beyond the texture. Another thing that bugs me is the legs. They look a bit stiff, and a little too long…maybe consider revising them a little bit…but I can’t wait to see this finished. It’s super promising.

Random textures… why the hell didn’t I think about that. Of course! This deals with the limited and hardly controllable integrated random controls. Thanks for the tip :smiley:

I actually really like the color of the mouth and the eyes! It sort of has this cartoony feel to it :smiley: Brilliant job!

really like this one, especially the expression
thumbs up mate

only thing would be the nose it isn`t quiet there yet, texture could use some depth and a bit more specular

Now testing the wolf in environment.

I agree, I really like the eyes.