Hunger Games Burning Logo Tutorial

I have created a Tutorial on how to use a standard image, convert it into a vector graphic in Inkscape and import it into Blender to create a 3d image. Then I added fire and control the particles using keyed physics.

Part 1 (how to make a raster image into a vector graphic and import into blender)

Part 2 (Controlling smoke particles with keyed physics) This part I am charging $3 for. I am charging because I use this feature a lot when I freelance. Sorry!

Maybe you should mention that you are charging for the tutorials on your website

I’m sorry if it seemed misleading for any reason. I was not trying to hide the cost, that is why I was upfront in the first video about the cost because I didn’t want to surprise anyone half way through. I updated the post so that there is no confusion. I have other free tutorials and in fact this is the first tut I have charged anything for. I believe the price is fair tho. I tried to keep it affordable. I am still going to make more free tuts as well. In fact I am working on one for how to use the kinect for mocap. Hope to have it completed soon. I’m having trouble with the screencapture taking up too much cpu at the same time as doing the mocap.

Thanks for your post though! I always welcome critical comments and suggestions.

thanks for this…

You’re Welcome!

First I will say thank you for sharing this “free” tutorial with us and then shake my finger and say that is “wrong” to charge for a flame effect that is actually free in many parts of the tutorial world. I would say its wrong because the level of detail and modelling you have provided in part 1 isnt good enough to convince me in paying to see something that is free for a free software. It’s good to try and make money , especially on these hard days of financial crisis, but there are nicer and proper ways to do it than taking $200 worth a tut and saying you charge only $3. Sorry if I sound harsh but it’s a place where we exchange and share thoughts and ways freely for everyone to benefit.

I think you misunderstand. I don’t charge $200 for any tutorial. I charge that for clients that want that effect for their projects. That’s if I’m doing the work. Sorry you feel that way. I still provide other tutorials that are free and will continue to do that. I also may charge for some from time to time. This is a freedom we are all entitled to. As for the modeling, I am showing just an easy way to achieve this effect. I think it comes in handy. If you think that the tutorial would be lacking based on the modeling in the first video then just look at the end result. It speaks for itself. If you know of the other tutorials that will teach you fire that is fine as well. I suggest you watch them. But I know of no other tutorials that teach control of the particles in the way that I do it. I’m not saying they aren’t out there. You can always post them on here. I just don’t know of any. But I don’t take offence and I believe you are just conveying your thoughts. Thanks for the comment.

I think you can’t blame him for taking 3 ( in words: THREE) Dollars. That is a fair prize.
And here is a way to control the particles:

In this tutorial won’t be something new, I don’t know, but 3 Dollars for this tutorial isn’t greedy, just fair.

Thank you Markus, I appreciate your understanding. I don’t think people realize how much work goes into making a tutorial. I myself didn’t understand until I started making them. That is why on the free tuts, even if they are bad, I don’t give negative criticism only constructive criticism. I see people make comments on some peoples videos and they just badmouth them. I’m thinking to myself, “this person is only trying to help people and maybe he(or she) didn’t do such a great job but there is no need to attack them”. I’m not saying that anyone has done that on this forum, don’t misunderstand me. As for Artistic’s comments I don’t believe them to be bad natured at all. Just a little misguided.

LOL… This community is owned be people making tutorials commercially, but this guy you just ‘slaughter’… That’s kinda funny. ;D

To set things straight, this isn’t a personal attack to you but on the concept on charging for tutorials on an “open” free software. Yes it may have a lot of work behind it and you are right and its your prerogative to charge or share your knowledge, but I don’t think it belongs in the realm of “free sharing” idealism that blender and other open source programs try to promote. I am not trying to bad mouth you or your work even if it sounded that way but instead trying to keep what few of us appreciate of being there to be enjoyed and shared!

@Artistic, I thank you for your cander, and I want you to know when I was talking about people badmouthing others I wasn’t referring to you at all. I was actually just ranting about some peoples comments on youtube. And comments made on work of ones that make tuts and then people just make rude comments about them. Actually I wasn’t even talking about anyone badmouthing my work. I have been fortunate enough to only have maybe one or two comments that were rude on one of my other tuts. Most people have been very gracious. Yourself included! (if you look at the other comments I’m talking about, you will see what I mean?)

As for the charging in a free and open software, people have to make a living. And time is money. If I take time to make tuts for others I think I deserve to offset my expenses (website hosting fees aren’t free). Even the programmers that make blender get paid. They work on donation basis and have sponsors like google that support them. I don’t qualify for help from google so I have to resort to charging. FYI: On some tutorials like one I’m working on now that will be free btw, I spend 20+ hours working on them behind the scenes just so when I do finally film them, everything can flow smoothly and I don’t leave anything out. Each tut I do I am getting a better system down so that I don’t make as many mistakes during the filming. I actually do the tut several times and then document in writing the steps I take so that when I go to film I just read the script I have written. Even then sometimes I forget something and have to do an edit. I hope this helps you better understand the “need” to charge.

Trust me, I love the free atmosphere and would do all my work for free if I didn’t have this bad habit of eating every day. In fact one thing about freelancing, for those of you considering it, are you having fun working with blender right now? Well, once you start doing it for a living, you will find it becomes more like work once you introduce money into the dynamic. Some of the projects I’ve done, for example a project I did for an inventor on a trash can addon, it was a headache. When I took on the job I thought it looked like fun, and it would’ve been if I was doing it on my own time and no deadline, no contract. But once you are obligated to do something it no longer becomes fun and begins to look and feel more like work. I know this part is off topic but just for anyone that is thinking about making this a career? It’s not all fun and games! OK, my rant is done now. Best wishes to all!

I’m glad you brought this up. It’s seems there are a lot of people that think Blender is “free”. I don’t think I’ve watched any of your tutorials, but count me as one person who appreciates the time that must go in to making them.

And you (once again) missed that this site is owned and operated by people who in part live of charging for Blender Tutorials? ;D

But this is a common misunderstanding in regard to FOSS and what it stands for. The whole idea with FOSS is the open code, not the money. Think free as in ‘free speech’, not ‘free beer’…

But I seen this before, like Andrew Price talked about getting a whole lot of crap for commersializing his own work - that’s insane. Who of you work full time without getting paid? Where do you get your money for rent? Do you really think Ton, head of Blender Foundation works for free…? Of course he doesn’t, he gets paid, so does the developers. As simple as.

I also thought about AndrewPrize:

If Blender is free the training should be free…

This is one really funny clip :slight_smile:

can you give me some well known names that would pay you $200 bucks for a cheap effect. if yuor doing this for money i think you should do something else that is worth the money. not even degree’d CGI artist get paid that much

What? I charge $150/h doing stuff like that.

And I still don’t get it, why are you people being so upset about this, it’s really simple; If you don’t want it, don’t f*kn buy it!

But as long as you make money, no matter what, just live with what other people make money of.

lol… are you seriously complaining about him getting payed by clients and suggesting him doing “something else that is worth the money”?
If he gets paid how is that a problem?

Grow up.

If you want an example of a client then you can see one on my website for a company called omega flare. They are a small software company in Cleveland. It is the only one I’m allowed to show. Many clients I work for don’t allow me to share their work. Since it’s work for hire, they own it once it is paid for. I have an option in the contract that allows them to opt out of allowing me to display it for my profile. I added that clause because I work with a lot of inventors and unfortunately a lot of other clients take advantage of it as well. I get paid not only for the effect but also the modeling of their logo and such. Also I have a min charge of $100 for any work I do. You have to have a min or some people want you to work for nothing. Like Farmfield said, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s really that simple people. If you are complaining because you already know how to do it then why are you watching this in the first place? This has become much more of a hassle than it is worth, really. I’m not charging enough to keep posting to this, lol.

Yup, basically the same problem as me then, I do a lot of archviz, stüff in planning, illustrations for investors & alike, I’m not even allowed to talk about the where & when’s of it most of the time, hehe… It’s like being a spy. Well, not really, but I almost pretend I am when I get really bored. ;D