Hunted hunter.

“The H hunter brigade made their worst move by entering that forest because, even if there were no clouds, it started raining… bombs”

Hi again, here goes my last work, done and postprocessed with Blender & Gimp. I hope you like it, C&C are greatly welcome.

P.S: I know the blur sucks, I hope I won’t fall in that mistake next time.


i liked it!! nicely done :slight_smile:

Thanks garuhhh, I really apreciate your comment.

Gallery anyone?

That looks awesome.

The face could use some creases, I think. The lighting also doesn’t really seem to make me think “action” but more “walk in the park” for some reason. But I suppose that is interesting in its own way.

I like it… nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you for you comments and crits I really appreciate them and be sure they won’t fall in oblivion :slight_smile:


Very thought inducing work. I like!

hey! midnight vision goggles in daylight?

Kbot: Thanks!

Camotech: Not only midnight googles, but also binoculars :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, just kidding, actually I didn’t even notice!

Here goes a wire, although it isn’t nothing special at all :slight_smile:


very nice texturing on the armor!

check the above link
bye the way…love the this picture :slight_smile:

Thanks PapaSmurf.

IIIstrikesmemb2, isn’t that spam?

im sorry i wasnt thinking when i was doin that… i accidentally posted that post on the wrong subject so i just wanted people to know about it because it was realy kool to see all the kool models that amazing artist post :slight_smile:
oh and i realy do love that picture…its kool