Hunter Quadbarrel 3D

Concept by - Kris Thaler ( rmory studios)
3d model by - kenprol (iskander G.)
Modelled in blender 2.77
Painted in Substance Painter 2
Reneder - Marmoset Toobag.

Turntable 3d


Hi poly and wireframe


As a gun nut and a Blender Guy this is amazing work. The detail is great and the coloring of the scopes lens is surreal…well done.

PS I would be scared to pull the trigger on this beast.

Love this man, Brilliant modelling. And the materials are really nice too :slight_smile:

I’m currently designing a few weapons for games, i would be really gratefull if you could share some of your workflow for modelling Such a weapon, ands also the subtle indentations and grooves. Is it purely box modelled? or do you sculpt certain elements of the mesh? I always struggle with my edge loops when i am creating wooden/ metal surfaces that have a variety of sharp angles and smooth curved sections. I get it done eventually, it’s just a real pain getting a nice topology of smooth flowing edge loops for nice subdivision/shading.

Very well done!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Find me in YouTube, a nickname same (kenprol) . There are several streams, probably will help you. However I spoke Russian, but you will understand principles. I think:)

I did the handle with sculpt, and other parts of the gun - usual modeling. Farther I have made retopology to reduce polycount

@kenprol thanks for replying :slight_smile: will check out them youtube videos and see if i can learn a thing or two :smiley: