Hunter S. Thompson update

I know this isn’t 3D but I used the sequencer to create it.
Worth the download if you like Thompson.

I’ve finished this. Here’s the link to hi res version ( 30 meg )

What do ya think?

I know this is pretty offtopic, but where’d you get the pighead pics from? they seem to fit perfectly…

I Googled “pig head” and surprisingly got a couple of nice pics. There are too many photos of toilets on the net. And then a little photoshop’n.
I’m glad you can appreciate top notch pig head photography when you see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok that’s some weird shit. Is this of your own imagination, or that Thompson guy. I think the sequence and photos matched very well, but should have made the pig out of blender. :slight_smile:

It’s all H.S.T writings. I got it off an audio book. I just did the photo sequence. Pretty funny stuff.

update at top