Hunting for an FBX-import script

Has there been any progress on the fbx import-to-blender script project? I can’t seem to find the latest version anywhere.

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Your best bet will probably be to convert to Collada, then import to Blender.

  • Ed

Does collada support animation?

I know the file format does, but I’m not sure about the blender importer. I haven’t tried that yet.

  • Ed

edit: I just tried a Collada animation import using the updated importer from and yes, it does support animation. I tested this by exporting a collada document from DAZ Studio with 2 types of animation. The first was animation using morphs (no bone movement). This did not import at all. The second was movement with bone+morphs. The bone movement imported with no problems at all. My next test will be to to the same, but export from DS as an FBX document and converting with teh Autodesk converter. I’ll post my results here.