Huuka (alien hunting monster)

Well here I go agian, plan to finnish this guy, I almost got the body finnished, need to give him hands and horns all over and hair. I was sort of going with a mix between a horny toad and a gorilla. Well C&C very welcome, would like to get a good SSS script or anything to help me better organic shade this dude. Feel free to comment.

very nice,i like the material,looks like a sculpture.
i think the body is a little stubby,and the legs need some more work.

good work

Well I’m trying to give it huge over powering arms like some sort of mutant gorilla. It’s about 7750 faces total, but i’m trying to get those dang gums looking real. I’m shooting for “realism” here so any tips on how to make my lighting, materials mesh or anything would be greatly appreciated. leon thanks for the compliment and input.

Coolness. The mouth looks a bit wierd though.


i really like your characters!
this guy is cool :smiley:

Wow, extremely cool! It looks like he has lipstick on, tho. I’d fix the color of that.

wow, that looks great! Reminds me on doom3! :slight_smile:

for some reason he looks like he is made of rubber…like hollow toy figure thats really squishy :expressionless:
makes me feel weird.

I love it though…any chance of a bigger picture?

Well He’s been eating a lot here lately and gained some weight. Actually I had originaly planned for him to be um… hefty like he is, but was too afraid I couldnt pull it off. Needs a lot more work on the torso. Update, C&C very welcomed.
Amazing what vertex painting can do :smiley: .

wow, excellent modeling! And the colors are great too (much better without the red gums :wink: )
I have the impression the arms are too wide though - any side view ?

Another small update. His arms are supposed to be really big, so will his hands. Still need to work on the belly and color more too.

Here’s some constructive crits:

His feet point inwards while his legs face outwards. Just rotate the foott a little more outwards.

It looks like you tried to give him a flabby belly and abs at the same time! Lol, try smoothing away the ab creases, and blend the top of his gut closer towards his pecs. The bottom of his gut would not sharply fold over itself like that. I hope you can see what I mean.

Also, each of those arms look like they wiegh 120 pounds apiece. I understand the look your going for, but its on the verge of being overly disproportionate. You should finish the hands, and then consider scaling those arms down a bit. A real creature like that would probably waste a lot of energy trying to raise those arms and starve to death :slight_smile:

I like the mouth and teeth, Looks alot better than before. Good job on the uvmap too, although theres something about the material that reminds me of modeling foam.

Good advice Artistotle, I took it and this is what I got. I feel like I should make the head smaller though.
By the way, it’s not UV mapped, it’s vertex painted, I love vertex painting, no UV mapping used.

Comments, Critisism, Please

Really looking for opions needing some help. I want to make this guy look photoreal, so please give me some tips or somthing.

I think the leg muscles need some more work…they just look a bit lumpy…but the lumps are too big if thats the look you wanted.
The pecs are also a tad strange…perhaps they should be smoothed down slightly.

(Personally, I love the hands and feet! :smiley: )

Here’s another update and a close up of the head.
Added horns, I need a lot of help on them I think.
Any feedback appreciated.

wow, great monster, I really like it. Cool to see the updates so fast after eachother, well done.

About the horns, They don’t really look like horns, more like punky hair :slight_smile: perhaps make them less yelow, less curved and remove the ingravings, just a little bumpmap.

Love to see this one finish up :smiley:

Wow, this is really cool.

The bottom of the pecks are a bit wierd, they’re kinda too sharp, if you see what I mean. Also, why hasn’t he got any fingernails? It doesn’t look bad, but it’d be cool to match the black toenails. Finally, give him some detail to his eye, rather than just the current black hole.

Awsome work.

Well actually he has eye’s but forsome reason they do’nt show, I guess i’ll take the lens off, but does anyone now how to fix this problem? I guess I figure it out.