Hybrid Creature

I wish now that I would have posted this in here, but oh well

I’m having a problem, maybe someone can help me.
I applied a material to my hybrid creature, and this is what happened


I’m guessing when I joined two meshes one had a material already applied, how can I get the entire mesh to be on the same material?

Also here’s an image of the wires, Critiques would be appreciated


texture: have they both got the same mat? (the 1 ma 1 thing in the materials window?) you could also try selecting all faces and applying the material again, if you havent already. other than that, I have no idea.

on to the model: top looks good. I would like to see the lower half a bit more, unless you didnt show that because you arent ready to.
In my opinion, the elbow joints look a little strange where the muscle reaches…its a bit too rounded with no elbow definition. (unless of course I am not see it properly in the image).

I think the nipples on the pecs are a bit too low…or it could be that they (the pecs) need to be enlarged a bit.

to me, the teeth look a little strange at the moment, but I cant quite see properly in the image.

I hope this has been useful. Reading back it seems like im being a bit harsh :-? I mean no offence to your modeling skills.

Hey thanks for the comments, I fixed the material problem

yes I’m still working on the elbows, and plan to redo the hands
as for the pecs and nipples, thats what the concept sketch was like, so I tried to make it appear as realistic as possible

heres the other thread so you can take a look at the concept sketches, that were drawn for the challenge


cool, now that Ive seen that thread I can see what youre doing now.
Ill let you get on with it and Ill pop back to see how its all going :slight_smile:

Im interested in how the lower body will turn out, but so far, spot on with the sketches youve got :slight_smile:

I had modeled some hands but they were pretty sad, so I’ve distroyed them to keep from embarrising myself

I still have a lot of work to do, I think I’ll go more from the original concept sketch and leave the orthos alone, I’m thinking the forearms in the orthos are shorter than in the concept and it’s making him look funny so I’m going to work on them some more the arm chest connection still needs some help




just some small crits about the model, dont take them too hard.

i would remove the antennas and just go with the gator head,
i would then make the neck larger and the head bigger,
also the chest i would move the nimples more to the center,
the arms and back look great,
for the body iam not sure what you want to do but if you are open to suggestions i would make a spider body or somthing,
you could expand the shape and round the back and give him six legs haha.

just some focused cirt for the focused critique section, take what you want from it, haha. look forward to seeing what you do with him.

if you check this link you will see that this is part of a challenge, and I have to create a model from the given concept sketch, so I cannot really change fundmental parts like that


Here is the concept sketch, and orthos, that way I don’t confuse anyone



you know what- that actually looks a lot like a Kell from Dungeon Siege;


id say its mroe like the ingame one- but theres only that small pic i could find on the net :-?

looking good though

I’ve redone the hands, I hope their a little better





Just a point on the thumb: I think the tip is slightly too small (the actual thumb section) should be roughly equal to the first section I think.
If you see what I mean?

I see what you’re talking about, the hands over all seem to have some problems, I will have to get to those

for now though, I think the more important thing would be to focus on the head, so I’ve decided to redo it.

Here are the beginnings of that




I’ve got it kinda roughed out, now I will reorginize some of the lines so they flow better and start adding details

Here’s another


Ok, here is another update

and this is what it looks like, togather with the body

The challenge ended today, this is what I managed to get done.
I’ts still got some issues, and it’s not as done as I would have liked it to be, but I had allot of fun, and learned a whole lot working this way.