Hybrid rendering in 2.8: Intel CPU + AMD GPU


I have a pc with an Intel i7-9700k processor and am now planning to buy an AMD RX Vega 56 gpu. Question is if anyone is succesfully running the Intel CPU + AMD GPU combination with hybrid cpu+gpu rendering in Blender 2.8 beta or if anyone can positively acknowledge that it will work?

Thank you.

I just went on and bought the Vega 56. All goes well in Blender 2.8, including hybrid rendering!


Hey, thank you so much for leaving your second post for other people (like me :D) to find. My trusty 780TI just died and I was looking for a price efficient replacement, since the current high end hardware is not attractive enough to upgrade my whole rig yet.

I’m still running an i7 4770K and the Vega 56 seems to be one of the best options to still improve the whole setup without bottlenecking all too much, while only having minor financial impact compared to Nvidia cards. Main use is a bit of coding, image/video editing, audio production, media ‘consumption’, light gaming and a lot of Blender; Eevee and Cycles rendering included - which is my main concern.

It’s been a few weeks since you posted… Did any issues arise or is everything still running smoothly? Any limitiations compared to the Nvidia experience? Are you running Linux or Windows? Any heavier render tasks you were able to finish?

I will have to disappoint you: I have bought a new laptop and have not been using my desktop setup much at all, its more there as a backup system.