Hybrid rendering not usng GPU

Hello everyone,

I want to render a large blender animation file , when I start the render it takes up to 32 Gb on RAm.
The animation has 120 frames. but stop rendering on the 2e or 3e frame.
When I render in GPU, it has not enough memory. When I use CPU rendering it is not using my GPU.
And when I enabled the CPU and GPU in my preferences. I can not see in my windows activity app that the GPU is used.

Windows 10 16Gb ram cpu: Ryzen1700 Gpu:Gigabite 1070

You’ve already started that GPU rendering doesn’t run due to not enough VRAM, so of course the GPU won’t work in hybrid rendering.

You either need to optimise your scene/textures or render CPU only.

So also in Hybrid rendering the render size must fit into the GPU card?

So what is the benefit of hybrid rendering ? and If i have more big scene’s what is the benefit of a large GPU card. If I have to render in cpu

Hybrid CPU + GPU rendering just uses both devices to render instead of one or the other.

In the same way that most setups with 2x GPUs are limited by each GPU’s memory (excluding NVLink, which combines GPU memory on higher end GPUs)

There is no benefit if your GPU can’t load the scene.

Out of core rendering does allow a render engine to use the GPU + System memory, but that is still slower than GPU only and would not work well in conjunction with CPU rendering as both need the system RAM. I know out of core rendering was available as a patch in Cycles, not sure how it is now?

Thank you verry much

it is Crear to me now