Hybrido Studio Box House Set-1

Another set of pics, I hope you like it

I like it,BUT here are some tips:

  1. The renders give me the impression it is still a work in progress project. Put some trees, leaves, clouds, maybe a road, people, etc.
  2. In second render render, the right side of the house looks like its floating, put some pillons under. I dont know what that is (a garage, a terace). You can add something like a table with chairs to remove to impression of empty space. Everything else is good, the grass is awesome.


Thanks for the comment, I must say that the mesh is not mine, I put materials to test and learn. At first I did not think to add more. There is a very similar house in Portugal, located in a forest, almost half of it stands on a precipice without pillars or columns and seems to fall. I believe this work was inspired by this Portuguese house. I will follow your advice of trees, people, etc. Thanks again.