Hybrid's Girls (Pencil Rendered Art)

I’m not much of an artist, but I do enjoy it sometimes, so here are some images I drew. They’re not specular, but this is where my 3D style will originate so i guess it’s somewhat important. All in pencil, 2H, 2B, and 9B to be exact. Also tortillions were used for blending.

*these where done in 2006-2007. In 2007-2008 I went back to comic marvel/anime style. In 2008- and on, I’m Blending

*Raleigh & Nicole Michelle were done without reference

the other two were done WITH reference.


those last two are getting closer to photoreal, and that’s hard with pencil…
what type pencil you use for shadow?

check the anatomy with the first two. :wink:
also… necks start at the ears in front view.

Well, if anyone ever asks why use references, this would be the example. You’ve got talent, and practice, but the images done with references are so much better and more mature than the two done without.

9Bs, huh? Yeah, that’ll do shadows…

Welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

Orinoco, You are absolutely right, and not until I started modeling, did i really realize why references were used. Also thanks for the welcoming! :smiley:

Claus, Thanx for the tips, when i start drawing again I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley:

dude what u mean ur not much of an artist? wow;) nice stuff man!. Teach me!!

To pick up on Orinoco’s point…
References are good, but to really break free of the flat and lifeless look that drawing from 2d inevitably brings, you need to do life drawing.

(good use of tone, BTW, especially the third pic)

Great tip Freen. Life drawings, I should definitly try it.

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