"Hydra" Fully Customised 6x6 Land Rover Defender

Hey everyone,

Here is my latest Blender project… It was a bit complicated… The challenge was, I started this project on a Defender 90 which is much more shorter then this beast… And the front side structure of course… It is completely different now… My main goal was to create a Defender to be a rival to Mercedes G-Klasse 6x6. So I had to add new suspensions, new engine (650Hp V8 Twin Turbo), new chassis, 2 more wheel and etc… It was a long but very fun project… Hope you`ll like it! :slight_smile: Oh I forgot to say, it has a fully carbon fiber wide body…




Crisp! :sunglasses: It begs for a heroic pose. An action shot, showing off the suspension travel over some rocks.


Yesss!! I`ll create a scene like that, but for now I need some break… :smiling_face_with_tear: :sweat_smile:

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Now that’s a really mean looking car, and some real mean renders of it, great job!

Great design!

Thank you!!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the featured row! :+1:

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Cool Man details matter :grin::ok_hand:

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incredible… i love it

I want one! Very well done.

Looks good! keep them posting!

Awesome model! Well done.

Thanks Bart!!

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