Hydration *UPDATED 10-31-05*

(Dbugged) #1

Playing with fluid simulation…

Rendertime - 10 minutes

(Odjin) #2

:o … how the fsck did you make that one. looks good.

(Cativo) #3

Very nice, tho it looks like it’s actually frozen…

(smurf23) #4

You should put some holes in the water but bsides that cool!

(Spin) #5

A little motion blur and 60 more minutes will fix that.

(Robin) #6

It looks great, but how have you done it?

(Dbugged) #7

I used 2 separate fluid systems here. For the splash, I made a bowl shaped obstacle with a spike in the middle and dropped a glob of water on it. The bowl guided the water so it went up the sides.

For the other sim, I took a cube of water and pulled some verts in the center up to form a column.

I put the 2 simulations together, rendered in Yafray, and there you have it.

Does anyone know how I can convert a particular frame of the simulation into a mesh so the verts can be edited?

(Dbugged) #8

-Adjusted DOF
-Used different frame of fluid simulation for ripples
-Postpro color adjustment, minor tweaks


(nehpets) #9

i would say that you need to adjust the modeling a bit. but its simulation.

it looks as though blender’s fluid Sim still needs a bit of work.

still, it looks amazingly realistic(not quite real yet though)