Hydrogen Hypercar Concept

Recent design work for a British hydrogen technology firm. Due for limited production in 2023.

It was a fun experience working with and learning from the world-class formula 1 engineers and looking forward to seeing what the final car will look like.

Designed in Blender 2.92.



I’m definitely starting to see tendencies in your styling, esp. in the front and rear views, but I see very strong Koenigsegg vibes from the side!

The forged carbon fiber looks pretty good too! :sunglasses:

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This side line is so specific for Koenigsegg like shape of 911. But hey isn’t this car great looking? It is! My favorite shot is the second :slight_smile: So ready to start…

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thanks man. Like I said in my meetings with these guys, I wanted to give a nod to some of my influences

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thanks man. She’ll be out in 2023 so keep watch. 250 mph :slight_smile:

Amazing piece of work

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Nice work mate. I see you’re getting featured elsewhere too:

:+1: :wink:

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Thank you :pray:t3:

I gotta say, ending up in top gear was definitely a Bucket list item

Sooner or later (depending on the manufacturers) one of your cars will be featured in a television show (Grand Tour or Top Gear), by now you’re (hopefully) gaining so much traction that doors will open for you. Really smooth curves in the front, maybe even more extreme than a Jaguar E-type— upon looking at the pictures, yes definitely.

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Oh I meant my car ended up in top gear magazine. Which was a nice surprise. (I’m not involved in the marketing aspect). But you’re right this is just the beginning. We have a few formula 1 drivers lined up for prototype testing and 2 will compete in LeMans


Not to mention my car is front page on Horiba Mira’s website