Hyena like creature run cycle animation test

Hi all , finally I finished this creature and made some animation tests.
Here is a run cycle animation based on hyena references. I also made some of his fur systems dynamic.

really cool creature!!! nice animation too. :slight_smile:
I think it would be nice to have a bit more ups and downs on the body above the legs, of course with offset as you have it, but I think it will add more weight/bounce
Really cool project! :slight_smile:

Hyenas! Ugly, brutish beasts. I too found something off on the front of the body. It seemed to me the front leg wasn’t moving forward enough for the run, but it might have been the lack of weight as mathiasA said. Nice job with the fur.

Thanks guys. I’ll try to add more weight and will update soon.

I would say a bit rough but overall very impressive!

Very Good !

Thanks all !
Here is the update , I added more weight and fixed the front left leg as Orinoco said.