Hyper Racer - 3D Model


The Hyper Racer is a racing machine for futuristic racing video games.

Download the 3D model on the blendswap.com website | Hyper Racer V3***

This looks very nice,

My PC is down @ the moment, but my flying car rig code could power that,

Check out the file /uploads/default/original/4X/1/b/9/1b901bdd70c98e7b982cf05cd16cba5be1460d61.blendd=1388420830

Thanks for sharing that !, I will see if I can turn this into a BGE-DEMO :slight_smile: !

How does your script work ! I will try and learn from it but I am a DJ, not a coder !

Do you want me to put the script on the Osiris-2Racer?I could make so a character could get in out of it as well.If you want?

That would be a really cool idea… Thanks, because I could probably do something but It would have to be re-done properly after !

The Osiris-2 G Racer could be good fun to have in either an open 3D world or a futuristic racing video game…

Still working on it.I will have the first part done by today.I having a little problem implementing the script.Hopefully i will find a solution.

I think i will just use logic bricks to make make it float,go forward and rotate.

What it could need is a script to stop the floating machine from turning over…

If you can set up the logic bricks that is a good start… :slight_smile:

Needs more work.I only managed to get it to fly so far.Here is a picture of the logic bricks.

I am going to sort out a racing track… ; That is whats missing !

The python just applied force(thrust) and the engines are rigid bodies with rigid body joints, and the mouse applies torque to them,

Each engine is running a script that attempts to align them to the normals underneath.
Each engine casts a ray using logic bricks, and applies forces if the ground is close enough or to far away.

Step 1 in simple hover logic
Ray -z length 2 property map------and------force +z

So if the ray detects the map push

Step 2

If you have another, that says if you don’t detect the map push down,

Ray -z length 3 property map invert---------and-------Force -Z

This will work with gravity off.

Step 3

4 of these make a platform that will follow terrain, just put them out at the corners,
Rigid bodies, bound to the center craft with rigid body joint constraints,
They are like “thrusters”

Step 4
In center object
Keypress (throttle up)-----------and------property throttle add 1
Property throttle min:0 max:99—/

Keypress (throttle down)-----------and-----------property throttle add -1
property throttle min:1 max:100-----/

if property throttle does not equal zero---------python


Use a template simple gamelogic

In the
if sens.positive:

You have to name the property sensor the same as
sens= section,
That is triggering the python.
This will apply force depending on the property throttle,

I am going to use the forcefield actuator and motion actuator to do it.Because it looks realistic because it goes up and down as
it hovers.

Super ! and thanks a lot, I can’t wait to see what this will all look like in a few days…

]I cannot upload the blend to blender artist.org.Because it is too big.I cannot afford any websight that would let me upload blend files.Here is the blend and here is what you do with it.hover craft parts.blend (652 KB)

Put Player.x and it’s cube,pivot and camera.001 on another layer.Parent base to the hover car.Parent empty.002.to the outside of hover car.Give hover car property of hovercar.In physics panel in the blender game engine click actor and ghost for hover car.Parent plane.010 to hover car with it’s other parented objects.Duplicate player.x and it’s parented objects then put it beside the hovercar.You will need a character to control for it to work. Some of this is from project Wretified.BluePrintRandom project,so you must put the name Project Wrectified in the blend file to use it.I updated the blend.I had left off something.
W and x to rotate hovercraft.Go near the empty and press X to get in hovercraft and z to stop and get out.You have wait until the hovercraft gets near the ground to get out.Press w to go forwards and r rotate character.


Before I made my racing game free flight I had hover ships- do you want me to post some blends of tests I have done?

Let us see it.

Here is one. It uses servo motion and constraint actators to enable the object to float but also go upside-down (i.e. loop the loop). Press UP CURSOR to go forwards.


defy_gravity_logic.blend (460 KB)

I think (I’m attaching what I’ve uploaded so I may be wrong) this is another. It is a mini race with jumps and turns.

AI_VER3ex.blend (1010 KB)

Just press P and watch. Also, go to the main camera for a more cinematic view, and when in the cam view press UP and DOWN cursor to move camera.