Hyperdimensional Transfer

This is one of my recent space/special effects Blender projects:

(direct link to full image)

Technical note: Blender only, no external application post-processing.

Thanks for checking out my image.


it like a lens really, at least that was my reaction…I had fun looking at that, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey, I really like it. The only thing I can see that could be done differently is to add a little depth to the scene, but that’s just my personal preference. Great Job!

Oh, and one other thing. Could you provide a desktop wallpaper version? Thanks!

hey i really like that. reminds me of an old video game called Darius, I think.

Wow! Must say this is another great work. I love the crazy black shape. It has a huge feeling about it and yet because its on a fairly flat background it almost seems like you’re looking through a microscope. Very cool effect, shapes, and colors!


I like the black shape, but why is there a bunch of repeating shapes with seams and why the dull color, when I clicked I thought it would be more ‘bursting with color’

I may just not get this piece but still…