HyperDrive Alpha 0.1 - Released 9/9/2016

About Me

I’m a Single Developer for my own personal company. I’ve been using Blender for 8 years and already working on 2 projects for the blender game engine. I seriously want to prove that blender is capable of looking amazing and creating fun memorable games. I have a YouTube channel that’s for Gaming/Development. I upload regularly both gaming and development videos. For support you can follow me on my company social media or channel social media. Let me all know what you think. Also not all planned features are in and as of this update it has been in development for 1 month.


HyperDrive is a rpg, racing, action game made on the blender game engine. It focuses on you the pilot building a vehicle to your own specifications and truly being a unique experience. Build your vehicle to be the fastest, the sturdiest, wielding the strongest weapons or build for its looks alone. Build different vehicles, for different game modes and try your best to be the number one in your own way! Customize your pilot with cosmetics, win vehicle parts, buy vehicle parts, buy cosmetics, and more! Race and battle your way to the hardest Hyper Leagues!

  • Build And Customize Your Own Ship
  • Be A Pilot And Make A Statement With Pilot Cosmetics
  • rpg Vehicle Drops Make Every Vehicle Build Unique
  • Play Multiple Game Modes In The World Of HyperDrive
  • Equip Accessories And Special Vehicle Abilities
  • Equip Different Vehicle Weapons
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Level Up And Gain Experience As A Pilot And Vehicle


Please leave feedback! I really want to hear the blender community’s opinion of my game.

Channel Social Media
[Youtube] - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QaXDB66jOMOPfl5WukSeg
[Twitter]- https://twitter.com/HeroArising?lang=en

Game Downloads
MediaFire - https://www.mediafire.com/#myfiles
IndieDB - http://www.indiedb.com/members/spectr…

Company Media
IndieDB - http://www.indiedb.com/members/spectr…
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Spectrum_IDev

Looks cool, but the mediafire link is bad, and in the one in the indydb is not active :frowning:

Sorry About The Wrong Download Link. Download Here - http://www.mediafire.com/download/eve432rmn74jxyk/HyperDrive+0.1+Pre-Alpha.zip

Hey guys I’m going to make a new post. I have to clarify somethings and make the game Specifications known or at-least more clear.

then make it. waiting. blender is interesting