This is sort of a work in progress. Sadly, and very sadly, I lost the original .blend file during a reinstall of Linux and I forgot to backup the ONE folder with my Blender work in it. :mad: Thankfully I can recreate this scene easily and I intend on it and I hope to make it better. Ironically I created this with the idea in mind that the steps could be very easy to follow from memory. So far so good, huh?

I had NO idea what to use for the texture. Nothing I tried looked right (I’m not that great with textures anyway). I’m sure this can be done better. Suggestions anyone?


Good Work - very sci-fi-sh.

well, seems good, but as you said, the textures…

ahm, one thing, are u trying to recreate the supergate from
Stargate or just a “general” hypergate? If stargate, than…
the supergate was build out of several segments that
where linked together by electromagnetic forcefields.

for example: http://stargate-wiki.de/index.php/Supergate

Actually I wasn’t going off of any existing gates or portals at all, nor was I trying to recreate anything. This is more or less an original piece I threw together for the sake of learning a few new things and is supposed to be a concept for something out of a book I am writing.