Hyperion Beast


Hyperion Flamer Unit
Purpose: Game LP and cinematic animation; high res render
Software: Blender (lots of python) + Houdini
Current Status:

  • 70% on modeling (14 mil tris, 300+ objects / target 20 mil+). 50% of total progress
  • yet to sculpt organics (arms, face)
  • arms/armor is rough / conceptual;
  • flamethrower yet to be created
    Additional Viewport capture: http://cgstrive.com/WarCry/hbwf.png

I am very interested to hear aggressive criteria and feedback on how shapes, design and everything else feels. Would love to hear ideas /thoughts of what I can do to make it better. My goal is to pin down and harmonize the elements before additional refinement and detailing. Pick it apart, don’t be afraid to offend me - i appreciate it.

Main problematic areas:

  • BACKis poorly defined. He is supposed to be a heavy unit that carries Fuel tanks (that can be shot in game). I am not sure if they are good enough Design wise currently + I do not want him off balance.
  • Seeking ways to break symmetry with arm/hand area - all advice is welcome
  • Stomach area is a bit loosely defined, it could have some functional design.
  • What to do with hair

I would also love to step into direct contact(through skype) with anyone good with 2d/3d. Perhaps we can help one another. Please send me PM, i would really appreciate it

Thank you


Wow, looking very nice. Definitely looking like a heavy unit. I can give some tips.

The fuel tanks - they look too much as if they’re part of the unit itself. I’m guessing these are supposed to be detachable fuel tanks. Right now they don’t really look like that. Here is some concept art of Black Hand flame troopers from the game Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars: http://imgur.com/a/xVxY5 They look like detachable fuel tank cylinders. If you’re going to go with this you can put one over-sized fuel tank cylinder on its back or 2 medium sized.
Cylinders tend to be the classic choice with flamethrower units, they provide that flamer look plus they’re easily recognizable on the battlefield.

Armor looks good, definitely need it to protect him so he doesn’t fry himself with the flamethrower.

Other than the fuel tanks it looks great. The skull on the right side is a nice touch.

Awesome! How much time did you spend to do this?

wow, great looking model. my machine would puke if I tried to load that many polys. getting any sluggishness?
(edit) one crit: it looks like those pointy bits on the ends of his gauntlets would poke him in the back of the hand if he tried to bend his wrist back. what about making it a jointed arrangement.

Is looking really good! I wonder how much time you’ve spent on this… Hard surface always seems like so much work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Design wise I couldn’t give you much advise, since that is not my strong point, but I would break the symmetry by adding some wear and tear from usage and battle. Right now looks like a recently bought armor hehe.

I would push the stomach down, make it sag over the sackcloth and possibly make it larger to counter-act the mass on his shoulders.
Another note might be to push the lower back in closer to his body and bring his butt area out a little bit. This will give it a better silhouette and and make the spine curvier.

Try these edits with lattices to see if you like them. Great job, I will be following this. :slight_smile:

This is really cool. Nice job.

Steve S


Your feedback is very helpful, motivational and revitalizing. Thank You!

Current update: chest, arms, shoulders, feet(proportions), stomach and more.
You can compare results here:http://cgstrive.com/cinem/compare.php?a=http://cgstrive.com/WarCry/hbeast.png&b=http://cgstrive.com/hb15.png

Next update planned: back, sides, feet, organic sculpt (arms, face*). // After that will start playing with materials and color blocking

To answer the question: There’s about 300h in this project however most of it is tied up in R&D(python, source, blend<->houdini).

I will try to post next update within 1 week (so changes would be more readable).

As always, Thank You for your feedback and feel free to boldly criticize any aspect.


Looking insanely good.
the arm muscle may need some proportioning and defining but really, what to say here.
this one of the coolest character I’ve ever seen done in blender.

so complexe and yet to the poiny.
fantastic, I’m jalous!

The amount of detail you put into this is marvelous :slight_smile:

After thinking a while about what could help to break the symmetry of the hands a gauntlet, which he needs to operate the flame thrower, came to my mind. Or he could wear something to reinforce and enhance his fingers, forming claws - a secondary side weapon, perhaps - if that’s not too stereotyped.

Great, great work, man!