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Absolutely stunning :smiley: So beautiful <3

(LRosario) #42

thank you :slight_smile:

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that’s what I meant. If you see the cut lines where the top of the car run down to the sides of the car, that’s all one piece. Inside what appears to be the sides of the door is actually an air intake tunnel on the inside. So the whole piece would slide forward and then open from the front.

As for the low ground clearance, yeah not much can be done there sitting at 4inches off the ground. Like stepping into a corvette lol.


I like this concept man! Your renders have improved since the Hyperlight Tauro. I like the inset lights on the front quarter panels too; they remind me of my own concept car! (2nd Concept Car)

(LRosario) #45

Nice :+1: thanks for the kind words

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Desktop BG render of special edition version of the Icon.

(Estefanon V. Faé) #47

It’s amazing.

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Thanks! I appreciate the words

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In case anyone is interested, The Icon was featured on international design publication Yanko Design


(LRosario) #50

some additional renders in dark grey/black two tone. Cycles rendered.

#cars #concept #design #auto #automobile

(LRosario) #51

In red colors.

(Michael Shephard) #52

I just created an account to second the suggestion of you making a tutorial video. I’ve tried to create concept cars using meshes, and they never have the kind of smooth, flowing lines that something based in beziers would achieve, but I’m just not experienced enough with beziers beyond making ropes/tails/noodles.

I guess I could make a concept car that looks like it’s made of noodles?

(LRosario) #53

interesting enough a design course on this is actually in the works through a great company known for high quality tutorials. I’m working out the details as we speak, so I can’t really go into it, but feel free to touch base at [email protected] and I’ll add you to the updates on that.

It’s going to be seriously detailed. As for the noodle car, hey man, you may have something there :smiley: