Hyperlight | IconG2

Some renders of my most recent concept design project. https://www.behance.net/gallery/79525693/Hyperlight-IconG2.


In case anyone is curious. In a nutshell, the process of me coming up with a “sketch” all the way through proof of concept always starts with a wheel base and bezier curves.

I use bezier curves since they are very fluid to shape and manipulate if I don’t like where a shape is going. I string enough of them together throughout the car (front, sides, back, top, etc) because once I see a final shape form, I start using this as my skeleton to build the skin of the car. This creates the guide mesh that I use to start cutting panels and shaping the details of the car.

Since this car does not exist, and my hand drawing skills are horrible, this is how I “sketch” using blender. I’m actually working on an extensive design course inspired by the great work from Chris Plush at CG Masters Corvette Tutorial focused on concept design.


Hello Lee,

I’ve already tried this method to design my own concept cars, it’s pretty usefull to use bezier curves. But we have to be ready to restart 2 or 3 times the process of creation of volume (except if you’re absolutely sure of your concept before start to create the surfaces).

About your concept, there are some things to improve (in my opinion) : the brake calipers should have a different position (I mean, not the same position between the front and the back wheel).
There are some rivets on the spoiler, and I have the impression that there are too much of them?
Be careful of the corners of the doors. Maybe improve the rims.

But the render et and car design look good in general, I like the black car paint, good lighting. The first reaction is wow ! So it’s what you’re looking for ! :smile:
I’m not very fan of the glass material, look like fake glass for my eyes.

May we see a wire?

In any case, good job, I know that is a lot of works !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks Bart :slight_smile: Really awesome to see that!


I did some of the fixes you where talking about. However, on this model Im not diving too heavy any more since I’m already working on a new design which will leave alot of these issues behind. There are things in this model Im not really satisfied with so I’m kind of leaving it as it is and using it more as a test subject for different render engines. Below are some recent renders I did with keyshot

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Wanted to share a motion render of the G2