HyperReal is a FPS game project demo. It’s purpose was to teach me how to use the Blender3D game engine. I’m currently working on a newer, more professional game project, named HyperReal as well. Yes, it has the same name as my user name. It could be changed later. It’s basis is simple. It’s a robot vs. human FPS. You being the battle droid, you’re programmed to eliminate all humanoid forms.
Are you interesting? Would you like to help out? All help will be appreciated for my new HyperReal project. The only glitch is, I’m not accepting all of whom that wish to help. I will need to see projects YOU have done, just to see if you’re capable of even making high quality, professional games with Blender3D. You don’t have to be a Blender God, or guru, just capable.

To some things up, HyperReal, is a FPS game project, set in the future, where you’re task is to destroy all humans. It hasn’t really been started. Design, concept art, and all will start development as of now.

Here’s the .blend file for my HyperReal game demo:

Here’s where you can get the latest info and updates on my NEW HyperReal game.

H Y P E R R E A L.

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I’v updated the link to my game file. Forgot to make it playable :slight_smile: