(EDIT: I’v attached the new HyperReal game template.)
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This is a test game I decided to do, to learn how to make games with Blender3D. I’m currently working on a newer FPS. The name of the game will be HyperReal. Yes, same name as my user name. I will take any aid given. It will be appreciated. My HyperReal game can be played by anyone. But if you develop unto it, and post it as your own game, I will find you, and flame you. This is the HyperReal game community projects game. Playable by anyone, but not editable by anyone. You can use it’s scripts all you want, but you have to credit the person whom wrote this script.
My new project, HyperReal, is based on a simple story. Sparked by the idea of robot vs. human, alien vs. human, or human vs. human, why not… robot vs. human. Yes, you play the role of a droid, designed to eliminate all humanoid forms.
Placed in the future, it will be a lot like my demo game. The difference being, all action will be placed on earth, and star ships. If you’re interesting in helping, I will need links to projects YOU have done. I want to see that you are knowledgable before I start stacking in nOObs. Remember, you don’t have to be god-like, we are all students.


*NOTE: You can attain my older game file from this link, the newer one will be posted as an attachement: http://savefile.com/files/1842742

If you want to follow the progress of my game, visit www.gameblender.org for more information. Or click this link: http://gameblender.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&p=3720#p3720

Members List:

  • nick1324

Task List:

  • The HyperReal in-game vehicle. (ASSIGNED to Andrew11
  • The game template. (ASSIGNED to HyperReal
  • In-game weapons. (ASSIGNED to nick1324
  • Scripting. (ASSIGNED to HyperReal
  • Game management. (ASSIGNED to HyperReal
  • Texturing. (NOT ASSIGNED)
  • Environments. (N/A)
  • Menu System. (ASSIGNED to HyperReal

***Attachement has been updated.


Template.blend (375 KB)

Updated link.

Its a good start… It is a little hard to navigate with the walls being the same color. Try UV mapping the walls to a good texture. I like the near sensored doors. they really cool

Hi I’m new to these forums although I’m not a noob. I have recently started model some fps models like an AK47 and other guns and was wondering if you wanted help. I could give you some models and textures.

I haven’t finished the model just yet and I’m working on the texture.


Well Nick, you’re models look really good. And I could definetly use your help as a modeller. But, I just need to know how many faces your gun has.

Whoa, Nick1324, Whenever you post a model for someone, you should include a top, side, and perspective view along with a wireframe. You also need to post the amount of tris (select your figure and look at the upper right bar for tri-face information)


You’re gun looks good. But it sort of seems high poly. For example, this gun here I made for the game:




This baby has exactly 791 faces, and 1566 triangles. Which is a little bit high for my liking, but it will do.

As I said, I’m new to these forums so thanks for that Nick. Yes my model is hi poly. Once triangulated it come to a total of 7227 faces although un-trianguleted its is half that at 3939 faces.

This is way too hi-poly for your liking but, now that I know what your aiming for, I can re-model this weapon and bring the faces right down.Also, are you going to be using the new GLSL from 2.48 in this project?

Most definitely. The game will focus on eye-candy, and great gameplay. Levels will be small and sweet. Basically you’ll be hunting down humans in forests, cannons, abandoned cities, and of course outer space. The forest scenes will have soft body trees and what not, fog GLSL shaders, and whatnot. I have a bunch of cool .blend files, one for awesome looking water, lava, fog, and all sorts of stuff.

Cool! I love the new GLSL effects and the game engine is heaps faster which is good. I have a few tree models but I don’t think it would be possible to make a forest of soft body trees let alone ones with several texture maps without absolutely killing the fps.

hi hypershot,

i would be interested in joining your team for this game
sound interesting and the .blend is promising

send me an email at [email protected]

Excellent, instead of me e-mail you, can you tell us about yourself? What do you specialise in? Have you ever had game engine experience before? Do you have questions?

ok, i havent joined into any projects with anyone else before but i have made a few games of my own, mostly tests and sort of learning experiences, ill send you a link (pm) to one of my tests that i made, its a car with realtime visible damage

Questions? yes.
do you want me to start doing anything??

i dont realli specialise in anything in particular but i can do a bit of python and am quite confindent in the game engine


Here’s a Pistol I quickly wiped up. It comes to a total of 636 faces and 1155 triangles.


I was just wondering, are you going to be doing the environment yourself or do you want some help. I am quite good at natural environments and texturing them. I can send you some .blends of some of my work tomorrow as it is late here.

Hmm… Really good models nick1324. Actually, environments are still in concept art stages. First, we have to get the mechanics of the game working. And I’m almost done that. For example, the HUD and player movement , and actions are still in the making. But no fear, I’v done heeps amount of work to come out with a game Template. HUD still needs to be implemented, as does an inventory system. Soon we’ll need to make a library file with all our meshes, scenes, and python altogether. As to tasks, all you guys can do now, is model low poly flawless weapons. Once the inventory system is designed and made, which you can definitely help with, then we can get into the environments and such.

Task Management:
I will post Task that need to be done in my original thread, if you see a task you wish to do, reply back, and the task will become yours.

As for the game template, I’m going to upload directly for you guys to access as an attachement to this reply. Examine it, admire it, because that’s the bare bone basics of our template.


Template.blend (375 KB)

Nice gun, quite detailed.

Thank you, Thank you. I put a lot of work into mine :slight_smile: All I have to do is texture it now… My little creation will soon come A LIVE~~!!! Muwahahahahahaha…


HyperReal, I have modeled a turrent (pic here: http://www.savefile.com/projects/808703746 or here: http://www.savefile.com/files/1857616)

but my attemts at modelling a car have been sumwhat crap… so if someone else modells the car ill happily texture it, rig it and put turrent on it

hey hyperreal, made the turrent move with a modified mouse look scrpt but do you have any idea how i could constrain the movement? currently it can move a full 360 degrees up-down and left-right.