hyperspeed takeoff?

i made a ship and im working on a take of in space and want him to zoooom just into space 2 problems

  1. i want it to kinda of hover off the ground and wobble a bit.

  2. i can’t get it to flay fast enough when he does hyperspeed

any ideas?

1 - simple keyframe animation
2 - simple keyframe animation

if it doesn’t look properly, you might wanna change the camera angle (speed impression also changes with different camera angles). you might even wanna scale down the object as it accelerates and moves away.

did you ever play with toy-space ships? if you have one, just take it in your hand and “play” the motion you want. look from different perspectives, and memorize the one you like most. then go to blender and try to reproduce it.

another thing you can do(mentioned in the manual) is use a lattice deformation to get that “stretched look” seen on star trek when the enterprise enters warp speed. But yeah, animating a flying ship is about as easy as keyframe animation gets.