I <3 Soccer

Wow, i cannot come up with exciting titles. maybe someone could suggest a livelier title? Anyway, i’ve been working on this just for like a day now. It still needs something, but i don’t know what. For the soccerball i used someone’s soccerball in five minutes tutorial.
Anyway. Any suggestions, critique, etc?

EDIT: i’ve uploaded the image as an attatchment now.


A suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a pic up to critique :smiley:

A suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a pic up to critique :smiley:

yo sorry but if you dont mind i think i found your picture and i post it here. (it is the right one isnt it?:o) :
anyway if it is yours the grass is nice and i like the lighting. the soccerball is also nice but looks ‘deflated’ to me. good luck;).


Where’s the picture. Please post a link. Thanks,

-David Chipman

It worked earlier when i previewed it, but i guess there’s a problem linking to images with the server i’m using. I uploaded it as an attatchment.



it looks great modeling wise :slight_smile: but I have two suggestions for the scene. 1) make a dirt track, not as deep as the heart, leading from the heart to the ball. 2) get the ball dirty. Nice work!

maybe make it like a field so add like a white strpe or something on the grass.

very nice, a like the grass. The position of the camera is odd but does the job!

Overall I think it looks great. Maybe add some color variation (ramps?) to the grass. Just something subtle to give it a little more “used” feel to it.

Also, have you ever messed with the “force field” type deformations for particle systems? Like for “combing” hair and such. I know 2.46 will have some built-in tools for that, but in the meantime, you might want to use force fields to push down the grass in a path to the soccer ball. One idea that hit me would be to push down the grass as I suggested, but make an “arrow” pattern crossing the heart.

Oh, and for title suggestions, I vote “I <3 Soccer”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent suggestions. i’ll get to work on implementing some of them. I’ve got a question though. I know that one can use a uv map on a mesh and ‘paint’ a texture, but is there a way to ‘paint’ a texture on grass?
I’m trying to do a white line on the field as was suggested, but i want to figure out a way to do it short of either adding a new particle system set to a different material just for the white line, or using an image texture with a white line on it. Any other ways to do this?

Also any info on force field deformations would be helpful too.

Here are some resources on force fields straight from blender:


You can also go to http://www.graphicall.org and download an SVN build if you are a little more adventurous. Then you can use the new particle system tools to deform the particles.

As for painting the white stripe, I’m not sure the “best” way to do it, but you could always create an identical particle material, but make it white instead of green. Then, adding vertices to your grass mesh as necessary, you could assign a vertice group (the stripe) of the plane mesh to the white particle material. I don’t think I explained that very well, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas.