I just found out about blender lastnight.

my goal really is to make games. can ne1 give me a slight idea as to where to begin.

i have a little bit of a past which 3d modelers but its been so long and honestly this looks very different from 3dsMax. any suggestions? again nething i do will be channeled into making games…north? south? east? west?


Best place to start is the tutorials at http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Using_Blender.80.0.html

They’re not all about the game engine, but they’re all very very useful.

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No, I would recommend that you start with getting familiar with the Blender interface and do some simple modelling first. For this do some of the beginner tutorials at blender3d.org (http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Tutorials.243.0.html). Also check the manuals.
The next step would be that you get some game engine knowledge (I mean logic bricks). Do the tutorials that cover the game engine. Additionally you’d take a deep look into games/demos people here have released and into the tutorials that are mentioned in the sticky ontop of this forum.
Use Google! Use this forum.
If you want to spend some money then get the printed manual and the Game Kit from the foundation eshop.
Practice. Start simple. Make for example a simple maze with a sphere as the player for the beginning. Practice.
Get an irc client and go to #gameblender on irc.freenode.net.
When you already have some knowledge: Learn some basic Python. Look at scripts people have written.

That’s what comes me to mind right now…

lol kEinStein, that link is almost the same as the one I recommended, its just one of the pages on the link i recommended. %|

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one thing I am having trouble with right off is simply editing the mesh. I have kind of figured out how to drop in forms [icosphere, cube etc] however when i go to pull out a point the cursor just draws a line and then nothing actually happens.

When you select (right-click) an object, or a vertex in edit mode(TAB), you have to press ‘G’ to grab/move it, ‘R’ rotate it or ‘S’ to scale it

Its all in those tutorials.

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Yeah, most actions are performed by the right mouse button. The left button is just for confirmation actions, usually.

thanx. so is this the common procedure for editing forms in blender. right-clik and then key for function?

I recommend that you read the manual as well as doing other tutorials. http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Blender_Manual.92.0.html
Go to this link and scroll down to download the free 2.20 to 2.25 .pdf file of the Blender manual.

Very much of that stuff still applies when you’re starting off. Heck it still applies later on too. If you read through and do everything you’ll have general knowledge of what Blender would be able to do. Lol, the manual only about 400 pages of reading material, the rest of it is just index and definitions.

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how do view your project from several different views simultaneously?
(eg. top,side,camera). can you have multiple panels open?

Top: Numpad 7
Front: Numpad 1
Right: Numbad 3

(hold control for oppersite view)

Active Camera: Numpad 0

Rotate view up: Numpad 8
Rotate view down: Numpad 2
Rotate view left: Numpad 4
Rotate view right: numpad 6

Move view location: Shift + LeftMouse

Please please please read the tutorials!!! %|

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