I afraid Python ...

… me? No way. I love Python. To tell you the truth I feel sad cause I was afraiding programming in general for many years. I still have some unreaded C/C++ books in my loft and I don’t think that I will read them.

One day I was just in a bookstore and I picked up a JAVA book. I have no idea why. No I am lieing. The reason was that from a team of three people I was left alone. The other two were the programmers. They found real jobs and now they are working with database and things like that. So I said to my self. If I am going to create a game I am going to do it alone. So… I must learn at list to code. After I finished this book I was realy suprised. All the things that I was afraid of programming were not there. Java made me not afraid of memory and I felt in a way free. But beyond that Java was huge and took my to much time to just create a window with an image on it.

After that I started to play with other programming languages. The basic like languages. Those languages praise you cause you can create simple things realy fast and make you gather your hopes.

It may sound stupid but I realy understanded what scripting languge is when I started to play with Blender Game Engine. Then I realized that this is what I am going to do. I will script. But I had to learn PYTHON. So I readed The Python Tutorial. Man. Oh man. This is that best documentetion I ever readed for a programming language. Everyone must read this document. Also you can find and other open source books. Pyhton rocks.

Learning Python is only the start. As you master ( in a way ) Python then don’t fool yourself you will be able to do simple things with only the knowledge of a programming language. You will have to learn more things. You will have to read to many books. I readed books for collision detection , for physics , designe and more. With BGE we are lucky. Graphics and physics are going to be hndled by profesionals and we just have to care for other things like AI.

Also I wand to say to people that are still in school : Read Mathimatics. Math are one of the basic prinsiple of Game Programming.

And keep in mind Python for me is the end of my adventure with programming languages ( cause I wand something easy ) but for you may be the start of something bigger.

thx for sharing your experinces and views…

I haven’t started to learn and do any programming yet (except basic skills of GOTO, INPU :)…

but I will definetely start to learn more soon…

I’ve read Social’s BGE Python Tutorial which covered the basics.

I like C++ More although i still have a lot to learn.

Hehe cool that someone else found Python and tries to learn it. Python is indeed really cool and easy to program, althought when I compare it with C/C++, it still lacks some structure. When you see C/C++ or Python files, the C one is more ease to read, althought it ways harder to understand. But try reading a 500 lines long python script, it’s one big mess.

Now I know for a while Python, I wanted to use it for web developement as well, but because Python can do a lot, the part about web developement is one huge mess, there’s nothing easy to use like php while they try to compete with php.
I think Python is strong for small programs you need on the fly, but I’m not sure if it’s perfect for huge projects and huge amount of files and lines of code.

Anyways, try to read the book: Byte of Python, which is totally free and really usefull, well to me it was. It’s the perfect book to start learning Python as well programming in general. :slight_smile: