i alone & logo (updated)

Hi, this came about making a new header logo for my site.
Sorry about the large size.

The next was done first, as my new header.

thanks. m.a.
*Update below

whats this, a makehuman model? does look like it… :confused:
all so, why not to smooth & subsurf it? (or has it been smoothed all ready?)

and again, another thing is that the image size isn’t exactly your typical website header’s either…

though if your happy with it then thats all that matters, i guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Felix_Kutt,
Yes, MH model, served for the pose.:wink:
SSS & VColor Light, Smoothing is on, I probably should have subdivided also, sub surf gives more artifacts. (due to render settings) Scaled on site it looks less obvious. I think the settings affected it.
OSA 16, Shadow, Env Map, Ray, Radiosity, AO 16, high values for Mirror & Transparency on most objects.
52min render on tower or 140min on laptop.
Anyway it is much better than the previous header, it was a shocker.:eek:
Still, you could have picked on the repeating tile texture also!:stuck_out_tongue:

well, I need to be honest. I’m not a big fan. The main issue I have is that I have to REALLY focus on the text to read it. I think the material is one of the main things causing me trouble. If this is a header for anything it seems to me that you would want it to be easily legible. My second problem is that it just seems completely random. The color, the possitioning, the objects, with the exception of the MH guy, just don’t seem like they were thought out.

Headers are important. They’re the first thing anyone sees when they come to your site. You want it to be direct, to the point and good looking. Less is generally more when it comes to headers imo. If it doesnt have a meaning or purpose, leave it out (the balls).

Sorry if this was a little harsh. Your website was quite nice. I think if you make the text more legible (larger and at less of an angle to the camera) and perhaps zoom in on the guy and get rid of the balls it would be better. Also, consult a color wheel. This is my favorite color scheme generator http://kuler.adobe.com/## .

It’s shiny, but that’s pretty much it.

The yellow ball, with it being a bit different from the others and the bright spec spots kind of detracts a little from the line, make it the same as the others.

@ Spindlerift, thanks for the comments, I took some of it onboard,
the image is not all random, originally I had the text more similar to below, & rgb + y is the thought for the orbs, with a subtle hint of material library’s are here.
I felt the image was lacking so I added the human to suggest feeling small & alone in a big world, (hence large tiles), that turned out better I think, without the text.

@ CD, nice spot on the yellow orb, changed.

mmm, shiny, 6 hour render.
thanks, m.a.