I already chose someone

I want someone to make a 90% accurate textured model of the adorable little cloudy with a chance of meatballs (favorite cartoon movie) mayor so I can rig and add hair particles to him and put it on blendswap (with credit to you ofc!) But only after you re-topologize it beforehand

If I accept your offer, I’ll PM you a zip folder filled with pictures of said character for reference.
I got a WIP work from a teen (like myself) but they tend to take a bit long (ordered the thing in October?), so I’ll only consider offers from over users 17, since they (probably) don’t have parents to say “get off. the damn computer” Another thing, model his suit jacket separate from his white shirt so I could possibly simulate fabric movement if I wanted to

Also I’d like you to take a money deposit so scamming is avoided. No going over $200 if possible

No portfolio = auto-skip


Hello Check My PM…

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/apbkdo6gb2y6wmt/AAAwrrkqVVPEZA7KUycmcZe0a?dl=0 major shelbeans

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Hello i saw ur offer and i wish i can help u with that
If u saw my reply dm me so i can send u some of my previous work now it’s 4 am xD and i didn’t wanna miss the chance
So yea if u are interested dm me and we’ll discuss everything

Might not accept, can you model cartoons?

Hi, I’ve sent a pm.

check my pm again, thanks

message sent !

i sent u a dm hope saw it

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