I also can help posting this, Male pregnancy...

Okay… I just couldn’t help posting this stuff…
Check out this : http://www.malepregnancy.com/

This hospital : http://www.rythospital.com/
Actually made this GUY pregnant… it’s freaking bizarre…

a website of a hospital with a blog of a docter flaming bush…and you don’t think this could be…ehm…I dunno a HOAX? :wink:

very elaborate website for it, nice one too.


doesnt look like a hoax :o

Well, a hoax or not … it’s still bizarre… and they seem to put alot of effort into it …


Ultra low resolution “Radiograph”

Graphs without labelled axis = meaningless graphs. Even first year college kids know that you need to label your graph axis for it to have any meaning.

hoax, anyone?


It is a hoax, and a clever one. It certainly has all of the trappings of web-authenticity… but none of the requisite biology. (Sorry, gentlemen, but there are still things that women can do better than us.)

In http://www.geneculture.org/cmp/reprotech.shtml we find this:

Virgil Wong’s satirical interactive installation sets up a fictitious hospital, RYT Hospital, in which many new forms of repro-tech are available…

hhhmm well must be one of the best hoax’s i mean look at the video someone mustve been waiting there for him to get on or something and notice that the people dont look at him sheesh if some pregnant dude walked past me id look heck id start taking the mic lol “cant get a girl so you done it with youself :D”

Wow! this is the most incredible hoax site I have ever seen. This guy is truely an artist (literally).

But geez guys:

genochoice- online genetic profiles to create your genetically perfect child with a dna scanner that works by putting your thumb on your monitor?

nanodocs- actual working medical nanobots?

Clyven- a mouse with human intellegence that you can talk with? (ever heard of Eliza and the Turing test? or chatbots?)

Mr Lee, our expectant father also bears a striking resemblence to Virgil…hmmm

Reminds me of the time that an Onion article was picked up by the real press… If you are unfamilliar with The Onion (midwest us college students surely know about it) check out:

ROFL Grimreaper… I’d say the same thing…

It’s too bad it’s a hoax… child birth has always been a woman’s defensive weapon in any argument… with this, it would go more like:
woman: “Yeah, well you still don’t know the pains of childbirth!”
man: “wtf? yes I do!”

oh well, I’ll have to stick with my old comeback for that one, which was, “Apparently you’ve never zipped up your pants with a boner!”

Seriously though, why do people get all upset over this kind of stuff and get “god” involved, saying stuff like “god didn’t intend for men to do that!” ?
According to the same book, god didn’t intend for men (i mean “mankind”) to fly either, but everyone seems happy with us getting around that…

Anyways I think the mouse at that RYT place would be cooler… (the mouse with human cognitive skills)

(Sorry, gentlemen, but there are still things that women can do better than us.)

To tell you the truth… I am glad they can do that better than men… I never felt the urge to be pregnant (eeeewwww!!!) … and I never will … puke…

(Sorry, gentlemen, but there are still things that women can do better than us.)

To tell you the truth… I am glad they can do that better than men… I never felt the urge to be pregnant (eeeewwww!!!) … and I never will … puke…

Hey! speek for urself dude! :wink:

Hey! speek for urself dude!


im confused? what does ROFL mean??? and also it must be a hoax woman have erm that thing in there stomache wich holds a babie and has loadsof fluid stuff we dont what do they swim in beer or something :P.


Rolling On the Floor Laughing


Laughing My Ass Off

and i wanted to add this because im on a roll with bbcode


Laughing Out Loud

oh, and 1 more.

i got this one on an irc server



from the above post i suppose you all can figure this one out…

yeah, but dont write it out :wink:

ok… anyone notice the cheap photoshop work on the front page and the time magazine? (or whatever app they used)
notice on the time magazine how the fat seems to COVER his boobage (ewww) like it was painted on… and how the main image on the site looks like a photo manip (cut and paste) besides… there is no resemblance to the time magazine pic, and the pic of the fat body on the front page 1. look at the shape, 2. look at the colours

other than crappy photo manip… no one would really know that guy was pregnant (if he was) he was just fat… or wearing something under (anyone see the movie “10 things I hate about you”? :wink: )
cool hoax though (except for the concept, just well done)
on the site, they would never post something as dumb as “live stat feed” or whatever the heck they were putting… and wouldn’t be puttting up a guy eating a crapload of food…

waste of space, and not professionally handled… so either, he doesn’t know how to make it seem flawless, or he made it obvious intentionally, as not to recieve actual hate mail & stuff (I dunno, just guessing)

i dont see how anyone could believe that, i mean just reading what the people had to say was very onion-esque
if it was real though, ill id have to say is, damn that is gonna hurt! :o

lol this is the only one i didnt know “ROFL” and “imho” is that in my honest opinion or something? and “OMFGROTFLMFAO” “oh my *^&%ing god rolling on the floor laughing my *^&%ing *&^ off” :D.