I am a banana.



That is so neat . … amazing how a simple item can be made into such a piece of art!


Hmm, neat, but I agree with killer a bit, maybe add a bowl and a few more items inside the bowl with the banana?

I agree with VenomSeven, hypocrite alert :wink:

Also I dont see a post by killer? What the?

by killer I meant shnitzelkiller. And Venom’s post is just blank for some reason what’s with that? It must say something but it looks as if it is covered up.

EDIT: OMG I cannot believe what an idiot I am. I just realized shnitzelkiller posted this thread…lol my first comment must have made no sense because I couldn’t see what venom was saying so I thought shnitzel was somebody else when he posted his comment and I thought he was commenting on the banana…

Ooh, what are you doing, spamming that everywhere now? How is this a useless thread, it’s a piece of traditional art… in the traditional art forum. You, sir, are douche.

Just because your dildo is shaped like a banana and you made a piss poor drawing of it, does not make it traditional artwork.

This thread is about as useful as Paris Hilton and her dog.

Not only are you so absent minded you cant see the irony of your own stupidity, your insults are lame as hell too.

Get a life. Asshole.

Kidds grow up stop arguing.

Uhh, epic fail shnitzel!

Shnitzel may post irrelevant, inflamatory and insulting stuff as a habit, but c’mon, this thread has me on his side!

easy fellas!

great way to ruin a thread, venom. I realize schnitzel may have been like that in other threads, but don’t infect a new, clean one with it. If you want us to see schnitzel’s bad side, then at least let him start it.

Nice banana.

Aw shit, that’s one forum to go in which my reputation isn’t soiled.

But venom, what you did was blatant spam in an unrelated thread. Keep it to off topic. And there is much worse art in this board, just look at kbot’s thread here. You’re obviously just picking on me based on a personal grudge.

And who’s the only person who’s being inflammatory in this thread?

On a more positive note, banana looks good. But the edges need to be sharper.
Some more work and this will start to look real i think.

Let’s try to keep arguments out of the art forums, okay? Don’t post here unless you want to talk about the banana.

What he said. Go to hell.

Er, I mean… yea the edges need to be sharpened but I always find that hard to do with a tablet, I always get jagged and need to use the smear tool afterwards. I don’t have a steady hand, which is why it’s so much easier for me to draw on paper, thanks to the friction.

nice banana