I am a big stupid idiot!!!!

Man… I was working on a logo for my home page and I forgot to save. Well whaddaya know? Blender crashes and I lost all of my two hours of progress. I can’t believe I was dumb enough to not save my work. Oh yeah, the temporary save file won’t load either. I think it might have crashed while it was saving my work to the temp file. Anyways… I gotta start over now.

bangs his head on his monitor screen argh!


No no no! You’ll break your monitor.

Go get some crayons (black and/or red will do) and paint yourself a head target on a nice sturdy wall.


P.S. Sorry to hear it. :frowning:

Yeah, it happens. You got lucky though. Only two hours worth of work. Ever had a hard drive crash and lose years worth of stuff?

Me neither, but hey, it could happen.

I’ve worked on pieces throught a day with Blender minimized off and on, only for it to crash.

Notice I used the past tense… one catastrophic failure is the quickest way to overcome laziness.

I don’t have much that kind of problems as I press ctrl+w after almost every action, it’s like a reflex for me. Needless to say, I’ve had bad experiences before I grew the habit of saving all the time. :smiley:

But hard drive crashes are pretty mean. :expressionless:
Once I had a hard drive crash that destroyed the drive’s partition and a couple months worth of music files my brother did. Some partition rescue program managed to save a couple of them. The rest (that could be rescued) were rescued by copying the hard drive image (it was half GB) and running it through a small program I made.

You must have been around before the undo system too. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, you are a big stupid idiot.


yea, thats one good thing that came out of no undo, i save like every 10 seconds…

Agreed! Stupid undo… making us lazy… Grrrr… :<

j/k, on the whole it’s good, but remember to save!

Its the only way people will learn loose hard work always gets someone to save more.

Whats really annoying is when you cant access you stuff and the only way is to format your harddrive and reinstall your OS, and you havent got a backup.
It can make grown men cry because they have to make the desicion to format and loose all their stuff.


Unless the drive is melted, there’s always ways to recover the data. It’s only a matter of money (from very little to too much).


LOL! Do you speak from experience?

I used to have this problem on my old computer. And it would still be happening now sometimes, if it weren’t for a habit that I’ve picked up. I go CTRL-S automatically whenever I pause to think or I finish a paragraph or even a sentence sometimes when I write, or when I make even the slightest change to what I’m working on like web-design. It’s kindof like a spasm almost, because sometimes it even happens when I’m writing up a long post on an internet forum :stuck_out_tongue: . Hell, it’s better to be safe than sorry, though. I’ve lost too much of my work to not take the necessary precautions.



Yeah, I hate to admit it, but losing my work on that project has allowed me to rebuild my model with a better mesh. The first time took two hours because i had to think up new ideas on how to cut holes in the mesh and such but now that I’ve done it before I have found ways to get around cutting. Oh and I’ve been saving every 10 seconds. LOL.


Wow. I’m seriously considering backing up my entire 3D Folder now. I’ll have to use a DVD, though. 3.41 GB. :o I wonder how much of that is garbage…


The first thing I do -always- is save. Then I get to work. Ctrl+S are my favorite keys (they are the most worn out on my keyboard!). I save every minute or so and in blender I save almost after every action I do.

In fact I find myself hitting those keys 4-5 times in a row when in R-mode and modeling. I lose track of what I’m going when I get into…it’s a like a high of some sort. I’m a junkie 8)

You really should.
One day - it might happen, and then it’s too late to be sorry!
I back up my stuff almost religiously - can’t stand the thought of losing
years of work to a harddisk crash.

However - that said:

Blender is one of the LEAST crash prone 3d apps. out there. I used to have
3dstudio max - crashed on a daily basis, even when changing to 3
computers…not the hardware…it was in fact the software.

Blender however…man… I only experience crashes on CVS versions
not on official releases (minus Alpha releases). I can work for 16 hours
straight on Blender and don’t even see the hint of a crash.

(And don’t even touch my Undo! I want my undo!) he he…

I’d say I’m pretty much equally experienced in LightWave and Blender. In the area of stability, I’d have to say that Blender is a tad bit more reliable. But really, it depends on the day (and the project). This is just my experience.

As for backing up your stuff, you should do it wheneve you get the chance. I just bought a pack of DVDs so I suppose I had better get backing up my 20 gigs worth of documents.

I’ll do it next week when I have more time. (Watch my hard drive crash on Saturday…)