I’m a forum monkey as of this post. I don’t feel like I’m ready yet. I want to stay a guru. :frowning: CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! AN ADMINISTRATOR? I don’t want to be a monkey. :-? Is there any way I can stay a guru? Or should I be happy? Oh, and BTW, what do you think of me? O’ve been here for a few years, and I’d like to know people’s opinions of me. :wink:

Well, if you don’t want to be a monkey, maybe I can take your monkey status and become a super monkey! :smiley:

Welcome to the clan of the monkey BTW!


Thanks! :smiley:

I’m dreading becoming a monkey. This is the only forum where I’ve been called anything even close to a wise man. Is there any way to keep guru status and still post?

start a new account

What am I again?

(BgDM has a lot of posts…)

I am a monkey?

(there really should be another status at 1.2k or something)

i think there should be a new status at 1000…
oh well
congrats lemmy!
(wuts my reputation like??)

delete alot of your off topic post :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry bout the cubefan thing :expressionless:

Ah. Your modesty befits your new monkeyhood. Only those who would at first deny the monkey are truly worthy of becoming one.

You are the short-posting, sometimes helpful, in-no-way-evil, misspelling posted floating poster who posts in random places, but never really posts any CG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, at 1000 it should be “blender monkey” or “elysiun monkey” or “super monkey”, and then at 2000 it should be “Ultimate Blender Guru” or “Ultimate monkey” :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

congrats… about 50 more for me.

oh… lemmy, i post much CG, but nobody really replies, go look, im in almost every WC (cept lately, ive been ridin my bike)

oh yeah! Sorry, skeletor! %| :expressionless:

its OK, i just dont really like it when people think im like cubefan or valarking
i post quite a bit of cg

Why, yes I am

(some longer posts from me though, not common)

No no no, I never thought of you as anything like that! You are much nicer and MUCH less annoying. In fact, you aren’t annoying at all! :smiley:

You’re O.K.

satisfied now??? :wink:

BTW. Welcome to Monkeydom… :smiley:

OK? Hm. It seems to me like that’s a generic response. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bahhh!!! It was more of a “diplomatic” one, I would say… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

No, don’t worry, I am joking…

If you ask my sincere opinion, I could say that I have nothing against you, so that makes you one of the “good guys” (at least for me…) here…

I hope that was less “generic”, this time… :wink:

Have fun… :smiley:

Thanks! Just in case you were wondering, I think of you as the guy with the weird avatar who always uses too many punctuation marks. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: