I am a thread killer

I seem to have this uncanny ability to stop any thread I leave a comment in. I say something mildly constructive, a little helpful, maybe sometimes pointless, but after two or three more posts, that thread is a goner! I know I’m not really cursed or something, and I’m not complaining, oh no! It just seems lately anything I take part in… dies.

Anyone else experience something similar?

(I bet within two or three posts, this thread too shall perish.)

Lets keep this thread alive!


It happens. Especially when you’re fairly new to a community (Sept 06) and especially if you comment but don’t really add anything to keep the thread going. However, it’s not always because of you, a lot of times the thread has already lost steam and you haven’t had enough experience with the community to realize that and not enough notoriety to revive it.

It happens to me all the time in other communities.

Just keep going. If it happens, don’t sweat it and keep trying.

Oh and BTW, I’ve you really are cursed, try posting in that pile of shit that is the vending machine thread. If you could stop that you would be god-like.

And note to mods, locking that thread after he makes a mock-attempt would indeed be a funny and relevant joke.

Hey, thanks guys.

I’ll give it a shot, valarking.

hehe, “use your powers for good”

Good going my friend, now we wait. And hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a future free of gayass forum games where we may raise our children. Hope.


(I think ^ that’s what I’m doing wrong, no?)

i was going to lock the vending machine… but i just can’t fall for Valarking’s mind tricks.

Ahahahahahahahaha this totally makes up for not locking it and rudely deleting my tribute thread.


Then do it for the children. All the little children of the world…Think of the poor children, Alltaken, and lock the vending machine. Don’t let Valarking’s reverse psychology fool you.

This is the last post for this thread, because the post is coming from ME, the ultimate thread-killer…
Have a nice day…

Ha, I posted so you aren’t the ultimate thread killer!

Alltaken, for the children. Please.

Giorgio Martini is the ultimate thread killer on Blender Artists, not only did his thread get locked, the mods had to change the title and its contents because it was so bad, now its called “…”

It had something to do with Frameserving so i guess it was how to change DVD content into internet content, which is usially highly illegal.

Hope this makes you feel better, now i’m going to wait for dragon boy and gun boy to post something stupid…

Here’s the notorious dragon slayer, St. George, knocking off a dragon with a lance and a sword.

You want me to say something stupid? Okay, the sky is orange with pink pantaloons:eek:

Orinoco, you know you wouldn’t expect us Dragons to enjoy St. George much, in fact I show disgust to anyone who dreams of slaying Dragons for sport, look at medieval times and the fact that many of us Earth Dragons got slaughtered by knights and other people, what the heck were they thinking to do such horrible things.

I’m serious about this and I don’t find it funny, even though my Dragon life didn’t end by getting slayed I know a handful of Dragons whose Dragon lives ended when a human killed them and for some they still feel the emotional repercussions of what happened.

What about slaying dragons for non-sport reasons, such as rescuing damsels in distress?


No, the vending machine must LIVE!!!

lmao dude Dragons never existed. They’re mythological. Even most otherkin admit that.

Hope this makes you feel better, now i’m going to wait for dragon boy and gun boy to post something stupid…

im going to assume gun boy is me… and its not a gun its a carbine. there is a differnce.

i dont post stupid stuff, well, i try not to anymore. do i really post stupid stuff?

DAAAAANG! look at this guy!

Come on now, let us be kind to dragons, after all it was the dragons who discovered hover bacon and flame broiling!