I am a thread killer

Seems that if I post a comment up, the tread immediately dies.

I’ve often felt the same way about myself.

Me too! but don’t take it personally, that’s not going to help anything. wait… isn’t this thread doomed, now that three thread killers have posted. :slight_smile:

Now it is.

haha… wow
i’ve noticed that myself about certain threads…

hey here’s an idea! comment on my wip. (maybe it’ll die and i’ll lose my obsession lol) hehe


seems you guys could have alot of fun, i mean it’s not like you can get in trouble for killing threads right?

thread MURDERS! You should be ashamed…


There, I’ll killed my thread. lol

Woops, was looking at the wrong date (bottom left instead of top right).

Die thread, die! Why, won’t, you, die.

every WIP thread i start dies witch discourages me so i dont bother with my work >.>

This thread has at least 4 thread killers, yet, it refuses to die http://forum.aprenderjapones.com/images/smilies/sarcasm.gif

…Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law :wink:

doh, i was looking at the right date. I thought the “right” date was the join data :slight_smile:

more like Hanlon’s razor :smiley:

HAH! I’ll keep the thread live now! Muahahah!

sigh and everyone seems to ignore me

We’re all ignoring each other here…

…just trying to keep a thread full of thread killers alive…


so, somehow this seems to have become a “beauty” contest for the most potent thread killer, so I guess that means you all need to look at what you do that kills the thread, and then flaunt it here!

My self-diagnosed problem is that first, I talk way to much. What most people say but implication in about three sentences I take more like three paragraphs to say. and often times I just start saying what I’m thinking, which means I jump around when writing the post, so there are often times weird jumps in thought.
Second, I tend to use a lot of less well known vocabulary, which I think is sometimes difficult for many people that aren’t native English speakers, so they may just ignore what they don’t understand instead of looking it up, meaning they don’t have anything to reply to. :stuck_out_tongue:
Third, In my attempts to organize my very random posts, I add arbitrary numbering systems, most of the time I add to the confusion by semi-integrating the numbers into the sentences. (combined with a thought stopping and over use of perethisised comments.) also I I will tend to reference other part of the same post, which is bad form as well.
Fourth, I think I read to far into what the general mood in a thread is, then making assumptions that everyone in the thread is also aware of what that mood is, such as making contextual jokes that no body ever gets, or I do the opposite and assume that everyone is completely oblivious to the threads mood and then I wast their (and my) time by explaining it in way to much detail.
Fifth, I tend to be easily amused by my own writing, so I just get on a roll and keep going, most of the time at the coast of repeating myself and making the post longer…
Sixth, I have no idea how to end my posts, usually I make some dumb comment asking people to do what I was implying thought the post, making it a redundant step that actually just ends up making them not respond at all.

so, now it’s your turn! why don’t you post why you think people don’t respond after you post on the forms.


PS, I also am fairly dyslexic, so I use spell checker, which sometimes give that wrong words, and changes the meanings in weird ways…

PS, PS, I also tend to over use the PS’s ant the end, which is dumb because I’m writing it at the same time as the rest, so I shouldn’t pull the whole preacher thing where i say am done, and then continue to talk, its annoying to me, yet I still do it to others…:confused:

Edit: did I mention that I tend to talk about myself too much!

lol. well, guess what? threads die because the thread stops gaining interesting information,
not because they gain uninteresting information.

try killing ask the person below you! hah!

Good luck with that. :wink:

You cant’t kill that one, is waaaaaaaaaay too popular. If you post something “uninteresting” people will ignore it & go on…

…& then they just… …keep going on…

It’s got over 200 pages now, & I don’t think it’s going to stop soon (it also moves veeeeery quickly :yes: ).

(I think the only way would be to get a moderator to block it but, that’s going to be even more dificult :stuck_out_tongue: )

Did it finally die? ;D