I am an Artist (Marta Altés)

Hey everyone!
This is my last project, based on two drawings from a children’s book by Marta Altés called “I am an Artist”. I really like her artwork.
Me and my daughter love this book, which gave me the idea to turn it to 3D. It’s about a kid that lives and loves art, despite his mother despair to try to keep the house in one piece :slight_smile:

As it is based in a drawing, I went for a frontal shot against an almost flat background to keep some sort of a 2D framing.
I went for a full carpet floor to emphasize all the mess, which might be much harder to clean.
As it is a children’s design I want it colourful and bright, so I chose also a more coloured and childish wallpaper.

Hope you like it.

Edit: You should open the image to view it in full size. The automatic reduction changes it a bit

Very good work!

Thank you Madrid82 :slight_smile:

Here are some more views of the same scene, rendered in default diffuse material.
BTW: The original image took my i7 PC 18h to render, thanks to all those hair particles :slight_smile:

This is very funny and very well made! I love the expression on the kid’s face!

Simply wonderful. Very expressive.

Thanks ItalianJoy and minoribus! I’m glad you liked it :smiley: