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Well This Is like the 9th time I posted here now last time I posted here was hmmm… 4 months ago I think lol I just made This new topic to see or get informed on whats up on elysium :wink: So any new projects That blender users made so far that are :o well besides all that I had a simple question that I was thinking of :


Blender is a awsome 3D Engine But I plan to continue my old game and with the new blender that’s fairly new 2.37a or 2.40 ( I dont think it’s finished yet the 2.40 :frowning: ) but my point is that blender game engine is it powerfull enough to create small demos or games like halo 1 or 2 or even lineage2 ?

Thanks to who ever answers
lol I went basicly broke last month playing poker in the casino lol The house alway’s wins. But I never seem to learn :frowning: lol Thats me :wink:
So what have u dudes been up to
And I remember that Mircodemo game example thing has that game been finished yet I have been waiting for so long lol I still remeber the snapshots looked nice :smiley: .
And BTW I heard of crystal blend srry But any 1 know a site where I can find out more bout this crystal blend I heard its going to be cool :smiley:


Thanks for that link : Al_Capone

Came helpfull :wink: well To get informed that is :slight_smile:

lol No 1 still answered my question :-? anyways everthing is good.

And BTW I had 1 other question I had In Mind right now lol This question I need to know lol So some 1 that know’s answer :

Question # 2
Say I Where To make a Nice looking game or somthing right And I where To copy righted Will I be able to sale it ? or do I have to do other stuff ?

It Would be great if people on this forum answer my first and seccond question :smiley: well Cya for today I will check up tommorow :wink: and keep up the great blending blender user’s :wink:

halo 1 or 2, Lineage II? :-? Sorry to dissapoint you but most likely not. Those guys get paid a lot of money to code state of the art engines for that. I’m afraid blender can’t be compared to a game engine like what they’re running. %| Although CrystalBlend might bring that gap a lot closer or even make it have no gap at all.

The multiplayer portion of the whole thing, is possible, but unlikely as no one has released a completely open source multiplayer. So you’d have to code the whole thing yourself.

As for small demos. Yes, I think one can create Halo1 and possibly 2. Take a look at Transcendant (recent FPS game that’s in the works).

I like the coming evolution of blender. But for everyone out there, it’s not easy work to make a game. Especially something like the ones you mentioned. They have a team of people 30-40 that get paid a lot of money to make those games. :wink: It’s kinda unreasonable to think games of that caliber can be created by a single person. Hehe, just wanted to point out that it’ll take a team to make games like those.

Jason Lin

goldentaiji Thanks for Answering back That might suck that blender dose not have that power yet But it’s still 1 awesome engine :smiley:

so about that crystal blend that would be awesome when it comes out right now I am keeping on track on this site :
But I downlaoded it and when I try Running the crystalblend it says :

crystalblend: Missing filename parameter

Whats that ? :-? I know its a file or somthing but it did not come with the downlaod then I checked down it came with a .blend so I run it I try saving as a .exe It still saves as a blender .exe ? lol Can some 1 help me out unless crystalblend Is not really out yet that would explain alot but by now there should be at least 1 demo or somthing out that works :slight_smile: I hope Well Some one help me out please thanks people of elysiun lol :smiley:

Look in the “CrystalBlend V0.02 Released” thread to get the answer.

  1. im sorry blender is great for modelling but game ngine wise is hard…u have to trick in order to make huge maps and things…crystal space is a good idea…or irrlicht… google irrlicht…its gone open source

I strongly believe that a game like Halo COULD be made in blender GE. Maybe not the multiplayer part quite as easily, but even that COULD be made.

Well Blender game engine is powerfull in the game engine but its basicly for modeling as eQuilibrium said but I believe it can make hola 2 sort of game but you have to be good at faking lots of things and you have to be good at UV Mapping ect…

{ Tell me somthing blender cant make I bet it could but it will take awhile }

:smiley: well Then I think thats all I gota say in this Thread again. I gota go help others still :wink:

I will check up on this thread later.


same to you but i highly reccomend to look up the irrlicht game engine you used to have to pay for it…not any more…its very easy to get things done in that game engine…i highly reccomend it!!

I will try it out eQuilibrium :wink: But I have 1 question I have already added camera’s ect… and almost finished my game can this other software import it ?cause lol I dont wana do it all over again toke me long enough :expressionless:

1 Problem I typed { irrlicht game engine } in google I found this site :


I downlaoded this ziped I got some demos ect… But The zip did not come with The game engine So I was just wondering if you have a direct link to the game engine so I can downlaod it but at the moment I will go hunting for it :wink:

i never tried that… i usually start off with it =/ sorry cant help on that

u have to include the header files in ur compiler…then you just “manipulate” the meshes or object,etc. using this program…thats a game engine…so u have the game engine…its the header files and .lib
(irrlicht.h and the .lib) look in the examples folder and look at the tutorials…
i hoped i hellped you…=/

I think that you helped me :smiley: I just have to figure it out abit and if its easy That’s my type lol work gets done faster :wink: well then Thanks again eQuilibrium

no problem…happy new year!!

Yo eQuilibrium Could you do me a favor To check out this new thread I made and and tell me what you think about the game example I uplaoded :smiley:

{ and tell me what you think about it on that same thread not on this 1 }


Thanks again :wink:

You could achieve graphics which are about just as good, you could even get kind of close to the graphical quality of Halo 2(emphasis on “kind of”) however the GE would have a hell of a time handling the emence load of data associated with a game that huge…Coming from my experiences, it seems the GE becomes less and less efficient and throws more and more problems at you as your game becomes larger…